Thursday, March 24, 2016

It Happened Again!

The major cable and Internet provider in Denver seems especially prone to outages. This is the third time in three weeks there has been an outage covering Denver. But this time they did have a good excuse. A FOOT of snow after a day of “shirtsleeve weather” Wednesday. It started about one o'clock and extended into the night. Sorry about that.

ENDANGERING UNIQUE CHARM”:CBS “warns” that U. S. business could “endanger Cuba's unique charm.” WHAT “unique charm?” Cuba looks much like a bombed-out city in a war zone because they can't afford to fix things since Russian communism collapsed and can no longer “prop them up.” The average age of cars in Cuba (except for those driven by government officials) is the FIFTIES! They keep them running with baling wire and shoe polish because no American-made parts are available. Cubans are STARVING. Liberals talk about “the poor” in America, but what passes for “the poor” here would be considered “upper middle class” in Cuba, and maybe RICH. Castro blames that on our “blockade.” But actually, it's because they produce no new wealth under communism, so they're slowly dying economically.

HATE “REACHING ACROSS THE AISLE”: The View's Joy Behar says Americans hate “reaching across the aisle” to Cuba and Iran. Of COURSE we refuse to “reach across the aisle” to CRIMINALS and murderers! And that's who are running those countries (and ours). It's like Mafia Capos taking over a country and “milking it” for all they can, PRETENDING to be honest politicians. Liberals like Behar are systemically UNABLE to see the CRIMINALITY in those governments. It is that kind of blindness that will ultimately defeat us.

WHY SUCH A BIG DEAL? A top former NY Times editor is mystified at the fact that Hillary's “e-mail scandal” has become “such a big deal.” It amazes me how such stupid people keep their jobs when they can't see such such simplicity. It must be because the people who hire them are just as stupid as they are and want people like themselves working for them. It's “such a big deal” because the way she operated left us WIDE OPEN to hacking by our enemies, and let them know all our secrets. Secrets which, if known by our enemies could mean the DEATH of many innocent people. That's why it's “such a big deal!”

WHY IN BRUSSELS? Why did ISIS make their attack in Brussels, Belgium? That's easy to see if you're LOOKING.. That's where the ringleader of the French attack was hiding, and where he was shot and captured. Yes, ISIS is mad at him because he failed to blow himself up in that attack. But he IS “one of them” and the government in Belgium had the audacity to capture him when ISIS wanted to have the honor of KILLING him for “chickening out” on blowing himself up in the French attack. Most politicians just can't understand the twisted thinking of these Islamic terrorists.

SELECTIVE MEMORIES: That's what Republicans have when they “remember” things. They “remember” the fiasco that was the campaign of Barry Goldwater, whom the Republican Party hated just as much as they now hate Trump, and for many of the same reasons. They say he CAN'T win, so they need to get rid of him. In Goldwater's case, they won. The result? A Democrat victory and the rise of “The War on Poverty,” a socialist program that failed, miserably. Then there was Ronald Reagan. They hated him for the same reasons, and opposed him. But this time, they LOST. The result, two landslide victories in a row for Republicans, and the “reign” of one of the best presidents in memory, producing the longest lasting economic upswing in recent history. But they don't remember that. They say, “The era of Reagan is over.” Mostly because they didn't want it, in the first place.

WE'LL DO WHATEVER'S NECESSARY”: That's what Obama says: “We'll do whatever is necessary to stop ISIS.” He says that after every ISIS killing spree—and then does NOTHING. It's like he WANTS ISIS and other Islamic terrorists to be successful. Frankly, I think he does. He is the “embodiment” of the “Manchurian Candidate," born and bred to become president and then do everything he can to undermine us so that our enemies will have an easy time in defeating us because we aren't fighting them.

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