Sunday, March 6, 2016

Bernie Wins, But....

Hillary walked off with more delegates—again. Tell me the fix is not IN. This is twice now Bernie has won, but Hillary has walked off with more delegates. Things are definitely fixed to help her along. I wonder if this isn't fixed, not just for her, but for ALL Democrat candidates the Democrats favor. If you win the election, you should get the most delegates. How they ever figured the one who DIDN'T win gets the most delegates, I don't know. It's illogical. But then, liberals have never been known for their logic. Some of them even deny the very EXISTENCE of logic. And Democrats are in charge of the election process all over the country.

W. VA. WISES UP: Twice they passed the law allowing EVERYBODY to be a “concealed carrier” without the bother of getting a permit. Twice, the same governor vetoed it. This time, they overrode the veto, and soon EVERYBODY will be able to defend him/herself.. Criminals will be able to get guns, too, but they never have trouble doing that, anyway. Nothing will change, except for less business for ILLEGAL gun dealers. This law is NOT the “disaster” that anti-gun fools will paint it.

OBAMA BEST GUN SALESMAN: He has been responsible for more gun sales than ANYBODY. Every time he makes a speech about “gun control,” gun sales increase. He's well known to be the best gun salesmen EVER.. I'm sure that's an “honor” he wishes he didn't have. Maybe he'll one day wake up and realize that every move he makes to limit gun ownership in the United States sells more guns. Probably not.

FEWER GUNS, MORE STABBINGS: Proving my prediction, the tighter gun law are, the more lawbreakers will use OTHER weapons to kill or intimidate people. And New York Mayor DiBlasio has confirmed that. If there were no guns, at all, people who want to hurt other people will use the next best thing. In this case, a knife. Criminals WILL do their “dirty work,” no matter what they must use to do it.

WHAT'S PRO-LIFE ABOUT IT? The question has been asked by some short-sighted people, “What's pro-life about an AR-15?” Of course, that could be asked by short-sighted people about any gun. The answer is simple: it's pro-life if used against a “bad guy” with a similar weapon, bent on killing you. It'll give the user a better chance of staying alive. Without it, the “bad guy” will just kill you, and your AR-15 will help keep you alive. This is something not considered by the average anti-gun fool.

OBAMA'S DELUSION: He calls what Republicans say about the economy, “doomsday rhetoric,” and says, “The economy is “pretty darned great, right now.” What the hell is he SMOKING? If I were a druggie, I'd want some of it. How he can say that with MILLIONS out of work, and more millions giving up on ever finding a job again, while he spends more TRILLIONS of our dollars than there IS, while America goes bankrupt, I don't know. I think, like most liberals, he thinks if he says something often enough, and loud enough,, people will come to believe it.

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