Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Right to Free Speech

Demonstrators who are physically BLOCKING a main highway leading to a Trump rally are whining about “freedom of speech” as they try hard to deny that right to Trump. But blocking a main road is NOT part of “freedom of speech.” It is breaking the law, and they will be dealt with. Many of them will learn, first hand, how Joe treats his prisoners. The other day, demonstrators tore down a Trump tent at another gathering. And they think THIS is part of “free speech?” Not hardly. It is vandalism, and is punishable by law.

REALLY GETTING DESPERATE: The liberals are really getting desperate at the very thought of Donald Trump ever becoming president. I know he's not part of the “political intelligentsia,” but that's no reason to block main roads because they lead into a Trump event, or thousands marching on the Trump Tower in New York and trying to block traffic there. They're afraid they just don't have enough numbers to keep him out of the presidency honestly, so now they're trying it DISHONESTLY. The level or rancor is higher that I've ever seen it. They're really afraid a majority of voters will prevail, and they think their demonstrations will suffice to stop that.

NOT WHAT HE'S SAYING! It's being reported in many places, including some conservative sources that Trump said, “Vote for me or there will be riots.” But that's not what he said, at all! What he REALLY said is, “If they WRONGFULLY deny me the nomination there MAY be riots.” There's a lot of difference there. Using that erroneous headline is DESIGNED to make Trump look bad, and there are many people who won't know any better because they only pay scant attention to politics. But they vote anyway, out of IGNORANCE.

CRUZ BEATS TRUMP: Nine times, evennnnn.... But what he doesn't mention is that Trump has beaten him way more times, and will beat him many times more. I'm really getting sick of this crappy politics. I used to like Cruz. But after seeing his methods, I wonder if he would be a good president, after all..I'm not a Trump supporter, but I wouldn't be angry if he DID become president. And I don't say that out of IGNORANCE, as his opponents do when they oppose him.

GETTING THE IDEA IN MEMPHIS: They're getting the idea in Raleigh, TN, a suburb of Memphis. They're PROMOTING the teaching of gun safety classes, and as many honest, law-abiding people as possible, getting "carry permits." To send a message to the "bad guys" to "Stay away, or we might END you." Others disarm honest people, and leave the way wide open for illegally armed criminals.

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