Wednesday, March 9, 2016

She Did It Again!

Bernie Sanders won Michigan by a narrow margin. But again, Hillary walked off with more delegates than he did. The system is rigged, so they can make the one they favor win the “big game,” in spite of the “local winner” winning. That's because most of the electoral officials all over the nation are Democrats. They quietly made sure of that, so they could steal as many elections as possible. Expect Hillary to get a lot more delegates illicitly in the future.

BLOOMBERG IS A RACIST! He just proved it by coming out and saying blacks are not fit to own weapons because they kill more people than do whites. Not mentioned is the fact that MOST of the guns used were ILLEGALLY owned and carried. NO amount of “gun laws” would keep them out of the hands of criminals, black or white. What amazes me is that many BLACKS agree with his racist braying. This is similar to the whining of liberals about more blacks in prison than whites. To “correct” that, maybe blacks could commit fewer crimes than whites.

DELUDED LIBERALS: They're now saying out loud, that either Bernie OR Hillary will CRUSH Trump. Where they get that, is hard to say. Frankly, I think they're just making it up, hoping to fool enough people into believing it to make them vote for one of them. It ain't gonna work. Trump is a “force of nature” in this election, and nobody is going to deny him his victory. Not even his own party Not legally. They just can't get their minds around that. They've been predicting Trump's failure for a long time, while he continues to rise. They're getting pretty desperate when they compare Trump to ISIS. How STUPID is that?

NO WORRIES ABOUT SURGERY: General Boykin says, “Any transgender that enters my daughter's bedroom won't have to worry about surgery.” I feel pretty much the same way. And that includes public restrooms where she is. Any man who thinks he's a woman who is found in the wrong place deserves to be made into a woman without surgery to get rid of that pesky appendage.

MARRIAGE HAS NO AGE BARRIER: And Muslims should not be ashamed about having sex with children." Talk about proclaiming their perversion! .That's what one Muslim “professor” says. The Muslim “religion” itself is designed as a cover for “the Prophet's” perversion as he screwed his nine-year-old “wife.” Oh, well. I guess a “religion” that not only condones murder, but DEMANDS it of their followers wouldn't be worried about a little thing like screwing a six-year-old girl (or boy).

OBAMA NOT AT NANCY'S FUNERAL: A president is almost REQUIRED to be present at the funeral of the spouse of a former president. Not to show up is a deadly insult. But not Obama. He was probably playing golf as the hearse carrying Nancy Reagan proceeded toward her final resting place. Any other president that did that would be "stoned". by  his own Secret Service detail. But not Obama. He can get away with ANYTHING because nobody calls him on anything. His file recording where all the bodies are buried must be immense!

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