Tuesday, March 29, 2016

"Apples and Oranges"

People who should know better keep comparing Hillary and Trump's percentages in the polls as showing Hillary in the lead between the two. This completely ignores the fact that she has only ONE real opponent, and he is an admitted socialist. People lean in her direction because she doesn't ADMIT her socialism. Trump, on the other hand, still has TWO opponents left to divide up the percentages. So those figures mean NOTHING until his ONLY opponent is Hillary.

LITTLE DIFFERENCE”: Obama says, 'There's little difference between capitalism and communism.” Which again shows his complete IGNORANCE of economics. Capitalism (the free market) lets people who can EARN their money get ahead on their OWN talents and abilities while socialism (and all other forms of collectivism) DEPEND on those who EARN for themselves to earn money for them to STEAL and give to the “drones” of society. It's like Obama wants to demonstrate his complete ignorance every day with his ill considered comments like that. Capitalism creates new wealth. Socialism does NOT.

TOO MUCH ON HIS PLATE”: Obama says he has “too much on his plate to worry about ISIS.” If he continues with that idiocy, he'll soon have no plate to worry about. Probably no head, either. Not that he USES it now. It seems like Obama is trying HARD to let people know how STUPID he is, every day coming out with abysmally stupid pronouncements that are EASILY disproved and DARING us to do so.

YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND”: A CNN guest told the Blaze's Buck Sexton that “White people just don't understand the Muslim religion.” He's right. I just don't understand how so many people can be so STUPID as to subscribe to this phony “religion.” Especially when it tells them that if they die advancing Islam they'll go to a paradise peopled by 72 virgins (probably not much older than 6 years of age). They think WE are corrupt because we are HONEST about sex, while they wish fervently to be killed “in the service of Islam” so they can screw virgins for all of eternity while they somehow, remain virgins.

HILLARY'S A WICKED WOMAN”: That's probably the first true thing Farrakhan has said in his life. And he's right, although she preaches many of the same things he does. He can't even see the irony in what he's saying. But then, he's not too smart, which he has proved many times by what he preaches. And he's got many thugs to back him up so one of his followers won't “off” him like he did Malcolm X to take over.

SOCIALIST OR FASCIST? Town Hall is asking the question: “Is Obama socialist, or Fascist?” Who the hell CARES? Socialism and Fascism have the same base: COLLECTIVISM. Both follow the same motto: “FROM each according to his ABILITY, and TO each according to his NEED.” Making NEED a DEMAND on the EARNINGS of OTHERS. That's THEFT by the government, for the benefit of the non-productive. The “moochers” who only want to live at the expense of others. Only the DETAILS differ.

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