Friday, March 11, 2016

"Surrounded By Thugs"

That's how a Breitbart official described it when a Trump man grabbed the arm of a female reporter when she moved quickly toward Trump after a meeting. He described that as “roughing her up,” when all he did was move her out of the way. All presidential candidates, and many other politicos are similarly “surrounded by thugs.” They're called “security.” In many cases, “Secret Service.” They're there to protect the candidate from danger, as well as overeager reporters. And Trump is not the only one so “surrounded.”

 SORRY ABOUT YESTERDAY: My cable AND Internet was out most of the day and I could not get any work done. This one wasn't my fault. I was “rarin' to go,” but couldn't.

MUSLIMS WILL OUTBREED US: That's a “natural fact” that Obama and the rest of the politicos either don't realize, or REFUSE to realize. Some militant Muslims have even SAID SO! And Obama is even paying the way for their hordes coming her to accomplish it. He needs to be forcibly removed from the Oval Office and all his fool policies reversed. Especially that one.

OLIVE OIL SHORTAGE: There's an olive oil shortage in the world! That's jist ORFUL! What WILL we do if we can't get olive oil? Liberals will probably make a big mountain out of this molehill, as they do with “prairie dogs.” Prairie dogs are RODENTS, and “take over” areas all over with their numerous holes in the ground, carrying disease. I see them everywhere. A reduction in the number of prairie dogs is NOT a “problem,” but liberals call it that and demand more and more money to “solve the problem.” It probably won't be long before they're doing the same to “increase olive oil production.”

WILL SHE DROP OUT? Hillary refuses to answer the question about whether or not she will drop out of the presidential race if (when) she gets indicted for her felonies. But I don't think that's a question she even has the right to answer. If there is an indictment against her, not even her staunchest supporters will dare vote for her (unless they're plain STUPID) and she will surely lose, as she should. Never in history have we had a presidential candidate under indictment for felonies. Nobody ever thought of that happening, so they didn't make a law against one running, but I think that will wake up even her “bound and determined” fool supporters.

SHALL NOMINATE”: The Constitution says, “The president shall nominate a candidate to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court.” But it does NOT say the Congress “shall approve” those nominations.. Yes, it does have to VOTE on the nomination at IT'S convenience, not that of the president. The Congress is NOT “subservient to” the president. It's like one of THREE presidents, and has EQUAL; authority (with the Supreme Court) to the president. It does not have to obey his orders.

AN “ACT OF WAR?” Robert Levinson, a retired FBI agent missing in Iran for 9 years, is a “hostage.” A country taking hostages (and this is not the first time) should be considered an “act of war” and should be retaliated against in the most vociferous fashion possible. You can bet if an IRANIAN went missing in America, there'd be an outcry like you wouldn't believe! The reason they think they can get away with it is that WIMP in the White House.

PROOF OF A DICTATORSHIP: Three story high pictures of “the boss” in a given country and parades showing their rockets are a sure sign of a militant dictatorship. And you'll find BOTH in Iran, AND in N. Korea, where that fat little fool RULES by the strength of his “friends”--until they displease him. Then they DIE. That's another sign. The killing of obstreperous opponents.

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