Thursday, March 17, 2016

Hillary Pledges More Unemployment

Yes, you read that right. She has jumped onto Obama's bandwagon in his quest to destroy an entire industry. He thinks (and so does she) that slightly cleaner air is more important to America than the thousands of jobs that will be lost if he (and she) is successful. They both ignore the fact that the coal industry is important to many people., including the electric industry. And if the electric industry has to go to a more expensive substitute for coal, it will cause power prices to go sky high. But they don't care. As long as their short-sighted goals are met. Anyway, they don't pay electric bills.

KERRY DECLARES ISIS GENOCIDE: No kidding! John Kerry has finally had his mind made up for him. He has FINALLY come right out and declared ISIS to be a “genocidal organization.” Whoopee! He (and the State Department, which recently came to the same conclusion) finally realized what has been as plain as the noses on their faces for years. What the youngest kid in grade school can plainly see by the way they “round up Christians” and kill them all over the place.

MICHELE WON'T RUN: That's what they tell us. That Michelle Obama has no intention to run for president after Obama is gone. Ordinarily it would be a “fool suggestion” that a “First Lady” would run. Or that many of the American people would take her seriously, if she did. The very necessity to “assure America she won't" is absurd. But you can't make this stuff up. You name the absurdity and politicians will do it. Look for Michele to form an “exploratory committee” sometime in the future. Maybe not this time, but soon. While she's still young. When a politician assures you he (she) WON'T do something, you can be sure he (she) WILL.

KASICH HAS NO CHANCE: He's been an “also-ran” throughout this entire primary season, and he FINALLY won ONE election, as “the favorite son” in Ohio. I didn't even realize he was still in until he "surfaced" recently. And he thinks that will be the base he needs to stop Trump, who has won MANY elections and has the Republican establishment VERY worried. You don't win the presidency, based on ONE primary win. He says “No president has ever won the presidency without winning Ohio.” But he fails to understand that no president has ever won the presidency while only winning ONE primary.

THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY”: Obama and the liberals say, “The president supposes, and Congress approves.” Horse manure! The Congress is NOT bound to APPROVE the president's choice for a new Supreme Court Justice. It is constitutionally bound to VOTE as to whether or NOT to approve. That's what people who have never read the Constitution think. That they must APPROVE, or are not “doing their job.” Horse manure, again! And they don't have to even VOTE on the president's schedule. They can vote on THEIR schedule. The Constitution does not specify a time limit.

KKK: DEMOCRAT MILITARY ARM: Democrats like to paint Republicans as racists, but the real racists, down through the years have been the DEMOCRATS! At least one of them was a long-time member of Congress. Robert Byrd was a “Grand Kleagle” of the KKK. The Democrat Party was the party of slave owners. They can't truly deny that. Martin Luther King was demonstrating against the DEMOCRATS! Jim Crow was a Democrat. Democrats filibustered against the Equal Rights Bill. Need I say more?

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