Saturday, March 5, 2016

An Absurd Crack

Conservative talk show host Michael Medved says Trump is not winning the Republican race for the nomination to run for president” (but he is not losing, either). What an absurd statement THAT is! Medved is like most pundits on both sides. They're ALL “in denial” about Trump. They just can't get it through their tiny brains that he IS winning, and the only way to beat him, on EITHER SIDE, is a “dirty trick” like changing the rules.

ANOTHER ABSURD CRACK: This one made by a nobody anybody has ever heard of. His name is W. Kamau Bell, and he's a comedian (I think). Maybe he was aiming for laughs when he said, “The KKK is the CORE of the Republican Party,” when we all know it is the core of the DEMOCRAT Party. This certainly got a good laugh from me! Martin Luther King was demonstrating against DEMOCRATS and it was DEMOCRATS who filibustered the Equal Rights amendment. And it is the DEMOCRAT Party that has has several KKK members as Members of Congress.

KIM MUST BE SUICIDAL: He must be. Kim Jong Un, the fat, stumpy little N. Korean dictator, who has done nothing in his life except look at things other people do and kill people, keeps threatening the United States with his pitiful little nuclear armory. He keeps telling us how he is going to “crush” us, when he should KNOW that ANY effort toward that end would result in his own death, as well as that of most of his citizens/slaves. If he fires ONE MISSILE in our direction, his country will cease to exist as a country and will become a steaming pile of radioactivity. He's like a gnat climbing up an elephant's leg with rape on it's mind.

ROMNEY'S ON THE WARPATH: It's almost like he is a real candidate. He says terrible things about Trump, most of which can't be proven.Where was that "fire and brimstone" when he was the nominee? Maybe he hopes to be the beneficiary of a “brokered convention,” I don't know. Like most “establishment Republicans, he's in denial about Trump. They believe they can beat him, and the only way they can is through underhanded tricks and manipulating the rules. And Trump WILL “crush” Hillary, if she even MAKES it to the Democrat nomination instead of prison.

AS PREDICTED: Trump is getting all the blame for the “penis reference” that was injected into the debate by Rubio. And also very predictable, Rubio starting the whole thing is not mentioned. This is typical politics. Take the worst thing somebody said, never mind it is in response to a worse statement made in opposition, then blame the one responding, forgetting the one who started it all.

WORSHIP THE SAME GOD? Pope Francis recently said, “Muslims and Christians worship the same God.” But he's wrong. Muslims don't “worship a god.” they worship a “demigod” created by a pedophile with a nine-year-old wife to cover up and legitimize his perversion. Who demands the MURDER of those who will not “bend to his will” and “convert” to his phony religion. He also advocated the murder of those who figured out his was a phony religion and “wanted out.” Muslims hate Christians and will not associate with them except to do them harm. They've certainly got the world fooled.

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