Saturday, March 19, 2016

They're Really Getting Desperate

The anti-Trump fools are really getting desperate. They've “shot their bolt,” trying to get rid of him. They've tried everything but one thing to get him out of the presidential race. That's to threaten his family if he doesn't drop out. None of it worked. So now they're threatening his family. They sent a letter to his son telling him if his father didn't drop out, his family would suffer. What unmitigated COWARDS! And they want to run (ruin) this country! Damn!

HILLARY: WE'VE DONE GOOD JOB: Every time Hillary opens her mouth I become more convinced she is insane. Not just deluded. She makes too many goofy statements for that. Now she claims that we've “done a good job of securing the border.” I won't ask what she's smoking. I think she's just STUPID! She doesn't need to smoke some dope to do something stupid. She's naturally inclined to do it. If Democrats are smart, they'll have her head examined, forthwith.

ONE-STATE WONDER: They treat Kasich with the utmost respect as a presidential candidate. Moreso than they ever treated Ted Cruz with, even though he won several states and is the nearest candidate to Trump in the contest. Even though he only won ONE election, the state where he is the governor, and the “favorite son” candidate. They'll do ANYTHING to keep Donald Trump out of the White House. Boy, they're really frightened!

SANDERS: “IT'S ABSURD!” Bernie Sanders says “It's absurd to talk about me dropping out!” Right. He”s a consistent second place holder, isn't he? Never mind in the Democrat race, second place is LAST place. He can't even get ahead of a candidate facing felony charges. Jeeze! Damn! This has got to be the most screwed up election ever!

VOTERS DECIDE NOTHING: Josef Stalin (former dictator of Soviet Russia, and murderer of millions, for those of you who don't know him) once said: “The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who COUNT the votes decide everything.” And he's exactly right. And Democrats count ALL the votes in America. They've quietly seen to that.Then you add that Clinton Eugene Curtis, a former employee of many different government agencies and a computer programmer, DESIGNED a program used to hack electronic voting machines to produce a 51 to 48 result for the candidate Democrats want to win, and you have the results of that statement. Why Democrats win so many elections.

CALLS BERNIE STUPID: Sheriff Joe Arpaio calls Bernie Sanders “stupid” in response to his criticism of Joe's jail and his treatment of inmates. Bernie says when he's president, he “will have the power” to “shut Sheriff Joe down.” Bernie has a funny idea of the kind of power a president has—and he'll need to be straightened out if he ever makes it to the White House. The press will ignore Bernie's silly claims, but not that Joe called him “stupid.”

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