Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Third Party?

Republican elites, back when they were confident that they could finagle Trump out of the nomination, pushed all candidates (including Trump, of course) into swearing they would not try a “Third Party” effort and would support the nominee, if they lost.. Now they're not so confident, since Trump has “trumped” all but TWO of their candidates and has emerged as the most evident candidate to win the nomination. Now, some of the other candidates are talking about a “Third Party run,” even though they swore not to. Apparently, that's how politics works.

ABDICATING THEIR DUTY”: That's what Obama is warning Congress against. But that's NOT what they're contemplating. They are DOING their duty by stalling hearings about his appointment until the next presidential election is over and a new president is in power. If that new president is a Democrat and they STILL refuse, THEN they will be “abdicating their duty.” Even Joe Biden said (when Democrats were trying to block a Supreme court nomination) “That you should NEVER nominate a Supreme Court nomination in an election year.” But it was “different then.” DEMOCRATS were trying to defeat a nomination!

BANNING A NEW WORD: There's a new word out there you're not supposed to use in connection with Hillary. Okay, I'll stop using the word, “shouting” to describe her “screech fests.” There are many better words I can use that are even more descriptive than “shouting.” But I will make that decision. Not Hillary, because “shouting” is not nearly strong enough to describe her “fish-wife” screeching. Liberals really think they have the right to stop their critics from using certain words. But they don't. Screw 'em!

HOW HE GONNA GET MONEY?”: Well, he COULD work and EARN it like honest people do! That's what a relative of a teen burglar who was shot to death by a homeowner asked, in rebuttal to the homeowner's killing her relative while he was burglarizing her home. Like STEALING the money was the only way to get it, to buy school clothes, making that a right. She's probably pretty pissed that she and his family can't sue that homeowner for damages in his killing. That say “life is important.” But the life of a burglar is very LOW on the list of the importance of life, whatever she thinks. Maybe she'll “take over his business” and get herself shot, next.

PATRICK NEVILLE'S RIGHT: He was one of the victims at Columbine High School when two fools came in and started shooting people. He survived. But unlike that lady congressperson who got shot, he doesn't support the damned fool “gun laws” most lawmakers do. And he is a lawmaker now, and supports legislation that allows guns in school, to PROTECT students and faculty from such fools as shot up Columbine in 1999. Apparently, he's smarter than most. Maybe one day the others will “wise up.” But I doubt it.

GARLAND IS A LIBERAL: Obama is trying to sell us his Supreme Court nominee as a “moderate,” which is “code” to mean “He's a flaming liberal, but we don't want you to know that.” Even the New York Times says, “If Judge Garland is confirmed, he could tip the ideological balance to create the most liberal Supreme court in 50 years.” I don't know who he thinks he's fooling, but it ain't anybody with any intelligence, at all.

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