Monday, March 28, 2016

GOP Prepared to Lose

They're prepared to LOSE to defend the “right” of the “establishment Republicans” to CHOOSE who we're ALLOWED to vote for. It doesn't matter to them that losing to EITHER Democrat candidate is a DEATH KNELL for this country. They want to retain their POWER to DICTATE who we are allowed to vote for. Power is more important to the “establishment Republicans” than the future of this country. They want to maintain the FICTION that we get to vote for the President.

OBAMA'S “DANCE A SET UP”: We all saw that woman (a former Playboy naked model) walk up to the “president's table” and invite him to dance, which he accepted, and danced with her, while his own wife danced with somebody else, while the smoke hadn't even cleared in the Brussels terrorist explosions.. There is NO WAY a stranger would get to walk up to the “president's table” without being “stormed” by Obama's security, AND Castro's. It HAD to be previously planned, and she knew she had PERMISSION to ask Obama to dance. It's all part of the “bread and circuses” Obama and Castro are putting on to please those with their tongues hanging out over his Cuba trip.

VERY EXPENSIVE DINNER: They must be serving a golden chicken. They're planning a couple of Democrat fund-raisers, the first of which to be held at the home of financier Shervin Pishevar (who the hell is HE?). This dinner for the “Party of the average people” will only cost you $353,400 per plate. and you get to sit close to Hillary and George Clooney in the bargain. Why ANYBODY would want to sit close to those fools, I don't know. Close proximity to them would ruin my appetite. This is the usual kind of thing Democrats are known for: claiming to be the “party of the average Joe,” while their RICH FRIENDS prop up their flagging candidacies. One thing is certain. “An average Joe” would never be able to afford a ticket to this party. And 200 "poor people" could eat for a YEAR on what one plate costs here.

TOTAL STUPIDITY: Obama says, “More people are killed by falling in the bathtub than have been killed by Islamic terrorists.” (He failed to use the word Islamic, as usual) which is a big load of horse manure. No it's ELEPHANT manure. This guy is a damned FOOL if he thinks intelligent people will buy this CRAP! Every day he convinces me more solidly that he is on the SIDE of the Islamic terrorists and is working HARD to minimize their danger in our minds, so we will be surprised when they start killing us here.

DOES ANYBODY CARE? “Caitland Jenner,” once known as BRUCE Jenner, before his fantasies of being a woman overtook him, says he (she, IT) might vote for Donald Trump. But who cares who this misfit votes for? We've got so many ignorant voters voting, that one more fool won't make a lot of difference. So I say again: “who cares?” Jenner is just one more “dog and pony show” to keep our minds occupied with unimportant things, so we won't pay attention to important things and what out politicians are doing to us.

CARPET-BOMBING TERRORISTS: That's what Cruz says he'll do if he gets elected. Democrats keep equating that to carpet-bombing civilians, which is their usual kind of LIE. Cruz is NOT talking about carpet-bombing civilians (except for terrorists, all of whom ARE civilians) in their lairs. No longer will they have “safe harbor” in some Muslim countries because such as Obama doesn't dare (or doesn't WANT to) attack them there. “Carpet-bombing” does not necessarily mean civilian-populated areas, but liberals (Democrats) want to ignore that so they can con you into opposing it.

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