Friday, March 4, 2016

Protecting the Constitution is Racist

That's what the founder of the “Black Lives Matter” movement thinks, anyway. As usual, EVERYTHING they don't like is racist. It's easier for them that way. Just accuse your opponents of racism and you don't have to answer the tough questions they might ask if they're not afraid of being called racist. Never mind there is no LOGICAL facts to back it up. Liberals never worry about that when they make their outrageous cracks like that. They just “double down” and call people racist if they disagree.

SELECTIVE MEMORIES: That's what Democrats are suffering from when they keep calling attention to the “Goldwater debacle” in the sixties, where Goldwater, who encompassed many of the same things Trump is advocating LOST big. They keep reminding us of that, asking if we want to go through that again. This completely ignores that “B actor” (Reagan) who ran a few years later and not only unseated a SITTING Democrat president, he did it in a landslide. And four years later, was RE-ELECTED in another landslide, and his policies created the biggest, longest-lasting boom ever—until Bill Clinton and the Democrats destroyed it.

TRUMP AN ATHEIST? Liberals are pushing the story about a 1988 appearance on the Phil Donahue show where Trump is quoted as saying, “I have a high IQ, Phil, it's impossible for me NOT to be an atheist.” There's one small problem. It didn't happen. It's phony. Made up. Trump did NOT appear on the Phil Donahue show in 1988, at all, much less say ANYTHING like that. And they used a picture of him on the Oprah Winfrey in the same year to illustrate their phony story. It's a typical Democrat scam.

JUST A SHOUTING MATCH: I'm really disappointed in the Republican candidates for president. They're discussing the issues very little and spend all their time insulting one another. They criticize Trump for “being a bully” when he responds to the bullying they bring to him, and then he shouts even louder in return. And on and on it goes. If they would settle down and discuss the issues so we'd know who REALLY would be the best president, instead of calling each other names, we might get somewhere.

IT NEVER HAPPENS: But it does. It happens all the time, but the liberal media ignores it, for the most part. A 13-year-old punk tried to carjack a woman's car at gunpoint, but the passenger, who was legally armed, shot him. His three friends left him bleeding in the street as they fled, letting him know they didn't care what happened to him. He's lucky to be alive, and I hope this lesson he learned that night helps him to live an honest life in the future. Though that's doubtful.

IT'S COME DOWN TO THIS: Trump has assured the world he does not have a small penis. Of course, the media will blame him for saying this, ignoring the fact that it was Rubio that said Trump has small hands (which he does NOT), “and you know what that means”). So Trump was quick to assure the world he does not have a small penis. Maybe the next thing is for Rubio to insist he “whip it out” so it can be measured and PROVE it. What that has to do with his fitness to be president, I don't know. But he sure “stuck it to” Rubio. I'll be glad when this BS is over.

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