Friday, March 25, 2016

Ask A Stupid Question

Somebody asked, “Why would you ever want to carry a gun into a McDonald's?” The answer is simple to intelligent people? “To defend yourself when thugs bring THEIR guns into a McDonald's to rob people, as three of them did recently in Fayetteville, NC, ending up wounding two. If anybody else had been there with a gun, the result might have been different.

I WOULDN'T CALL HIM ANYWAY: Mark Holmes is a landlord in Grand Junction, Colorado. He has a two-bedroom apartment for rent. But he says “If you're voting for Trump, don't bother calling me.” It's not his business who I'm voting for, and I wouldn't call him, anyway. Nor should anybody else, no matter who they're voting for. He has no business telling people who they should, or should NOT vote for. If NOBODY calls him, he's going to lose a lot of money, which is good punishment for his stupidity. This guy actually found a renter. Which again proves there are a lot of ignorant people in this world.

VOTING FOR HILLARY: Some Republicans are saying they'll “vote for Hillary” before they'll vote for Trump. How STUPID! You don't vote for “the enemy” just because you've been lied to on both sides about your best candidate. A vote for Hillary is a vote for SOCIALISM (one form of collectivism). And once it takes hold here, it will be impossible to dislodge until it predictably collapses, because socialism creates NO new wealth. It only STEALS the benefits of the production of those who DO. And they soon stop producing, as they realize their benefits will be taken from them by the government. Russia is the best illustration of this. Cuba is second best in this hemisphere.

OBAMA'S PHONY COMPARISON: In Cuba, he compared America's revolution that freed us from the English King, to Castro's “revolution” that ENSLAVED that Island nation for communism. But there's ONE glaring difference between the two. Our revolution did not ENSLAVE us. It FREED us. Castro's ENSLAVED his nation and led to it's demise as a nation if some other communist regime (that still has money left to steal) doesn't prop it up, as Russia did, before communism there COLLAPSED, as all such regimes eventually do. Why do they? Because communism does NOT create new wealth. It only STEALS what wealth is created by the PRODUCERS (who are left) of society for the benefit of the “drones.”

OBAMA: COMPLETELY STUPID! Either that, or he is the “Manchurian Candidate” who was BORN to be president, and to scotch as many efforts to fight against Islamic terrorism as he could. And he is doing that very well. He refuses to admit that Islamic terrorism is a WORLD-WIDE THREAT while they grow stronger and stronger because we're NOT fighting them effectively, no matter what Obama says about “doing what is necessary” to “contain” them We don't want to “contain” them, we need to KILL them. ALL. Not all Muslims, but all Muslims who try to kill US. And watch the rest carefully.

REPEAL SECOND AMENDMENT? That's what the anti-gun fools are now trying. The Second Amendment “gets in their way” in their efforts to “disarm America,” so now they want to get it repealed. The Second Amendment keeps us as safe as it can, with all the attacks on it from the liberals. If it does ever get repealed, I don't want to be around to suffer because of it's repeal. The Second Amendment is the only thing that keeps the government at bay in their efforts to take what's ours and give it to the drones of society to ensure their votes to stay in power.

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