Tuesday, March 8, 2016

So That's Their Plan!

I've been wondering why Romney has suddenly become the “attack dog” he wasn't when he was the Republican nominee. He hopes to be the nominee again. They're hoping for a “contested” convention and are planning on Romney being nominated so he can LOSE again, this time to a DEDICATED socialist. Of course, that's what he did when he helped Obama get re-elected, in spite of all his mistakes and outrages. The Republicans just don't understand how they're HELPING the Democrats to be elected AGAIN so they can complete their job of making this into the next socialist “showcase country.” Or they DO, and are “in cahoots” with the Democrats.

DEATH OF THE GOP: Leaders in the Republican Party are committing “political suicide” by fighting AGAINST their own “front-runner,” Donald Trump. They have the best chance in years to beat the Democrats so badly they'll be dizzy for at least two terms. They hated Reagan, too, and he was the best president in memory. But, NO! They now talk about voting for HILLARY to keep Trump out of the presidency because they know they can't control him by refusing to help finance his next campaign. Apparently, that's more important to them than winning against the Democrats this time.

JUST AS PREDICTED: The number of freed GITMO prisoners that have “returned to the fray” has DOUBLED, just as I, and many others predicted. How Obama and his cronies can miss it is amazing! Their blinders must be enormous! While this is happening, they're working HARD to import as many Islamic terrorists as they can, even paying their way to come here and kill Americans for not believing in their phony “religion.” I'm convinced that Obama is a “closet Muslim” and WANTS the Muslims to win this war. But nobody in DC will hear it, and that will be the DEATH of the America we know if it continues.

DEMOCRATS MUST BE DEFEATED! The Democrat Party is the most destructive force there is in this country. Their policies have done more to DESTROY America than any other single thing. It's not just politics, as they claim. It's the SURVIVAL of America as we know it. We cannot continue with the “policies of foolishness” they insist on instituting. If we do, we will soon be the new “socialist showcase” in the world. The new “Soviet Union.” Until it predictably collapses, as ALL socialist-run governments do, eventually, when they run out of “other people's money.”

SMITH & WESSON SALES AT NEW HIGH: Their sales are up to a new high since Obama started talking about “gun control,” proving, again, that Obama is the best gun salesman, ever. Maybe if he shut up about it, S & W's stock would not now be worth 975% MORE than it was before he took office. Obama is hell bent on violating the Constitution with his “gun laws,” and American citizens are “hell bent” on putting a stop to him. I'm with them.

INCOMPETENT GOVERNMENT: I've talked a lot about the complete INCOMPETENCE there is in the fools running our government. It starts with the elected office holders, and descends to those they appoint to other offices. They PICK people who are as clueless as they are as subordinates. A good example is the state Department not being able to certify ISIS as a genocidal outfit. Couple that with their inability to decide what constitutes  a “hate crime,” and it has become obvious their incompetence knows no limits.

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