Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Islamophobia? Forget It!

There is no such thing as “Islamophobia.” The word is made up out of whole cloth by Muslims to intimate that anybody who tells the truth about the reprehensible practices of Islamists (like screwing children or killing people who don't believe the way they think they ought to) are, somehow, mentally aberrant. It's a scam to SHUT UP any criticism of Muslims. Both “peaceful Muslims,” and Muslim terrorists. It is meaningless unless you ALLOW it to mean something. It's like the “homophobia” label gay activists lay on people who displease them.

AMERICA'S SOCIALIST EXPERIMENT: We've already experimented with socialism, and it almost caused the failure of the first American colonies. The economic method first chosen by the American colonists was based on the “socialist model,” and it resulted in the deaths of many by starvation, including the governor's wife. Then the governor changed the model to the free market and America has prospered (mostly) ever since.

WE'RE AT WAR!” That's what the French Prime Minister said after the bombing attacks by ISIS in Brussels, Belgium (right next door to France, and where the mastermind of the French attack was hiding). France has always been criticized for their lack of foresight in WWII, so it's strange for them to be the first to see that ISIS means DEATH to EVERYBODY who isn't their kind of Muslim. That they are at war with us, and therefore we must be at war with them. We must be on a “war footing” in order to deal with them, all over the world. Every country. But Obama, of course, doesn't see that, and I think he is secretly WITH the Muslim terrorists in their “war against civilization.” He has done MUCH to help them.

TRUMP: “MORE WATERBOARDING”: Word is that Trump is calling for more waterboarding, and more, to find out what Islamic terrorists are planning. It's said as a criticism. Liberals like to criticize waterboarding as “un-American, but considering what the Islamic terrorists do to US (and videotape it), waterboarding is a lot less than they deserve. Yes, it's uncomfortable. But it leaves no permanent injury, and may actually save some lives on OUR side. It's “nasty.” But sometimes “nasty” is required in order to beat an enemy who BEHEADS their captives.

IMPAIRED DRIVING: They're “doing a study” to determine which is more dangerous: drunk driving, or stoned driving. They need a STUDY to figure that out? They're EQUALLY dangerous! What kind of a fool can't see that, without a “study " being necessary? I've always maintained that the people running things in this world are INCOMPETENT. Both governmental, and NON-governmental (especially with Obama in charge). Otherwise, why are there so many panic situations because somebody didn't foresee a possible problem?

NO UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE? Cuba's Castro criticizes America for not having universal health care, as they do. But they don't, really. They PRETEND they have it, but in reality theirs is a “two-tier” system. The LOWER tier is for the average Cuban,and just PRETENDS to be universal health care. The UPPER tier is for the government bureaucrats who are “in favor” at the moment. And even that is not good enough for Castro, which is why he came HERE when he needed more than the\ir “vaunted system” could provide. It makes me laugh when such as Castro criticizes us on the basis of a MYTH.

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