Thursday, March 3, 2016

Democrats Are the Racists

Democrats insist on painting the Republicans as racists and bigots. But in reality, it is the DEMOCRATS who are the racist bigots. The KKK was SET UP, in the beginning, to MURDER Republicans when Lincoln (the first Republican president) looked like he was going to end slavery in America and they looked like they were going to vote for it. It was the DEMOCRATS Martin Luther King marched against in HIS attempts to end discrimination. A Democrat murdered him. Democrats filibustered the Equal rights Amendment, and there have been several Democrat ex-KKK members in congress. Yet they still want us to believe the GOP is “The Party of Bigots.” Go figure. I'm not saying there Are NO bigots in the GOP, but it is not, and has not ever BEEN an institutional thing there as it has with Democrats.

DON'T MENTION BENGHAZI: A former Marine asked Hillary a question about Benghazi, and her thugs beat the hell out of him and threw him out of the meeting. This is how Hillary handles people who sneak into her meetings with the intent to ask REAL questions. Beat the hell out of them and throw them out. Bill had a similar response to an ex-Marine who asked a REAL question at one of his meetings. That Marine (there are no ex-Marines) got himself thrown out of Bill's meeting. This is how opposition will be handled if Hillary gets elected.

SAVAGE DEMANDS INVESTIGATION: Savage is a well-known radio personality. He, like me, figures there is a coverup going on, since ALL “rules of conduct” in the case of a death not ATTENDED by a doctor were ignored, when they did NO autopsy, held an inquest BY PHONE, and quickly shipped the body off to Washington where his murderers might just be the people now in charge of his body. They quickly held a funeral with his SON running things to make it look good, and just as quickly buried him. I'm surprised they didn't burn the body to forever destroy the evidence.

ROMNEY TO RUN? Rumors are that Romney is going to run if Trump gets the Republican nomination. Big whoop! Does anybody but Romney think that will make any difference, except to spend another few million dollars? I also hear he's going to teach a seminar on how to win an election. That's like hiring Wiley coyote to teach the “Road Runner” how to win foot races. He's already failed at that, so who's going to be stupid enough to waste their time sitting through it?

ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES BANNED: The Transportation Department has just announced a ban on electronic cigarettes on all commercial airplanes in America. Why? Electronic cigarettes bother nobody, except maybe visually, and then only cigarette-HATERS. The only reason they're hated is because they LOOK LIKE a real cigarette, and people have a RIGHT to use them, anywhere. To ban them is a violation of human RIGHTS. And there's no REAL reason for it. But it's government, and they do what they want under Obama.

LOSING AN ELECTION: Republicans are trying their BEST to lose the 2016 election, by working AGAINST their own front-runner because he is an “outsider,” not a “died-in-the-wool politician.” That, and the fact that he doesn't need their money and thus can't be controlled by threats of withholding money if he doesn't do what they say. They have even threatened to support Hillary Clinton, the DEMOCRAT front-runner if Trump gets the nomination, which is not only irrational, it is irresponsible. They're creating the END to their own party, and will soon go the way of the Whigs.

ONE MAN'S OPINION: Hillary wants it to be MANDATORY for everybody to take a vacation every year. So much for freedom of choice....Ron Paul says the Trump KKK story was “planted by the media.” No kidding....Hillary says we need more love and kindness. How about unicorns and puppies?....No, it doesn't. Idiots are complaining about the cross decals one sheriff has put on his patrol cars, saying that is a violation of the Constitution. Show me where....Don't want to be a Muslim? Okay. All you gotta do is pay them to keep them from killing you. I don't want to be a Muslim and I'm not going to pay for the privilege.

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