Saturday, October 10, 2015

Hillary's Desperate

So she's now comparing the NRA to Islamic terrorists and communists. It's the most VILE politics possible, but Hillary and the other Democrats use it regularly when they get desperate and have nothing else REAL to say. Yet these people expect a majority of Americans to APPROVE of their VILE comments and elect them, anyway. It ain't agonna work, Hil! We're onto ya! That's why you're being “beat like a drum” by an ADMITTED socialist in your own party. They're hoping Bernie will be the new Obama. And, with the number of fools out there who “pay no attention to politics” and still vote, they may be right. Hopefully, Republicans have “woken up” enough INTELLIGENT people to make the difference. And Bernie won't win.

BORN ALIVE” LAW: Rep Trent Franks (R-AZ) has written an op-ed pleading for a new law to make murdering a child that survives an abortion subject to LOCAL murder laws. My question is, WHY? Why should such a law even be necessary? Murder is murder, and the locals should prosecute it without such a law. It's a comment on our times that somebody even thinks such a law is required, to protect the rights of the unborn, to keep people from murdering babies.

OBAMA CALLS THEM “EXTREMISTS”: That's the Tea Party he's slandering that way. And THIS is the elected president of the United States? What they are proposing is far from extreme. The only extremist in this picture is Barack Hussein Obama, raised as a communist Muslim who claims to be neither, who hates guns (except in the hands of his people), voter ID, freedom of speech if it disagrees with him, who releases Muslim terrorists to kill again, while the Tea Party simply wants him (and any other politician) to OBEY the Constitution. And for the government to return to the rule of law and stop “ruling” by fiat like any other dictator. You can't just say it and make it true. If that's "extreme," then I'M an extremist.

MINI-DICTATOR "RULES": One of the three candidates for Majority Leader of the Senate pulled out. McCarthy decided not to run, and instead of holding the election with the other two candidates in the race, current resigned Speaker immediately postponed the election until who knows when and adjourned the meeting without allowing a vote. Thus keeping the speakership for himself for an unspecified time into the future. Boehner must be taking tips from Obama., even though he has resigned. Mark Steyn (in for Rush today) calls it a “banana republic move, and he's right.

OBAMA SEZ IT: He's telling us that consumers will be willing to pay more for their purchases because of the minimum wage that has gone “into the stratosphere.” What the hell is he SMOKING? I'm a consumer, and I would NOT. They can raise their prices so as to pay outrageous wages all they want, and I won't pay it. I'll go somewhere where wages and prices are reasonable. If I can't find one, I'll just do without. Obama is, as usual, full of dung if he really believes what he's saying. He's really deluded. He thinks he can SAY it, and it will be true.

OBAMA'S BEST ALLY: It's Boehner. He's supposed to head the “loyal opposition,” but I don't think he got that memo because it seems like just about everything he does advances Obama's agenda. One of the three candidates to replace him after he announced his resignation pulled out, so he immediately adjourned the meeting AND postponed the election of his successor for an indefinite period—I don't know why—except he will remain in that office until. That is something never done before. Now he has vowed to “ram through” several Obama initiatives, including the bill to increase our borrowing power (again). What the hell's going on?

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