Thursday, October 8, 2015

Trump's A "Master Brander"

TRUMP'S A “MASTER BRANDER” And Bill Clinton is a “ well, there aren't words to describe what Bill is. Not words I feel comfortable in using, political correctness aside, where it ought to be. Jay Leno interrupted the “Tonight Show” monologue the other night to say, “If Bernie Sanders gets elected, he'll be the first socialist to be president of the United states since....2008.” Sometimes the best jokes contain common knowledge. Of course, if Hillary gets elected, the same thing will apply. The only difference is, Bernie ADMITS it. She denies it.

RESTAURANTS BANNING GUNS: The question is out there: “Should restaurants be able to ban guns from their premises? The answer is, “Yes.” But they're STUPID to do so. If they do, they're giving an “open invitation” to criminals to come in and use their guns to terrorize them and their patrons. I, for one, would not go into a restaurant that did ban guns. To ban guns shows a certain “short-sightedness” and puts them and their customers in danger, as do ALL “no-gun zones.”

THEY WISH: Democrats are trying (again) to shut down the Benghazi Investigating Committee. Wouldn't it be nice if murderers could get a vote to stop the cops from investigating their murders? Then they could go about killing people at will without anybody taking them to task and making them take responsibility for it. It's like Hillary saying we should “move along” from the e-mail scandal. She figures if she can stall long enough, people will get tired of pursuing her crimes. She'd love for us to forget all of them. But we won't.

HAVEN'T WATCHED THEM: Have you noticed? The defenders of Planned Parenthood haven't watched those infamous videos of them “chopping up” small baby bodies and displaying them, almost like an auction. OR the PP people talking and joking about murdering infants while also talking about buying Lamborghinis with the money they make while telling us “there is no profit in this.” How STUPID do they think we ARE? I never thought I'd see the day when the government would condone infanticide. That puts me in mind of “Murder, Inc.” I'm sure they did that, too. But in private, not in public.

WHY IS HE SILENT? Everybody with any intelligence at all is talking and complaining about Muslim extremists murdering people for being Christian. But Obama and his crowd are “strangely silent.” Do they APPROVE? Is Obama really a Muslim, as much of the evidence proves? Does he abide by the Koran's advice to maim and kill “unbelievers?” Is he really a Muslim saboteur in hiding?

LIVING IN A DREAM WORLD: Gun-grabbers think if they can just “get rid of all the guns,” the world would be a safer place, and they could eliminate “gun crime.” In the first place, there is NO WAY they will EVER “get rid of all guns.” There will ALWAYS be guns in the hands of CRIMINALS, who don't obey laws or “rules.” So even if they “confiscated” (stole) all legal guns, there would still be plenty of guns left, all in the hands of the very criminals who DO the “gun crime.”

WHAT'S HE GONNA DO? Roseburg, Oregon has served notice on Obama that he isn't welcome to come there and politicize the deaths of those nine people while standing (figuratively) on their graves. So what's he gonna do? Come anyway and “steamroller” the locals and make his damned speeches anyway? Or is he gonna stay in Washington and grandstand from there? Ferguson, MO, welcomed the race-baiters there, even though Obama himself didn't show up. And they paid the price with riots and destruction. Roseburg hopes otherwise.

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