Saturday, October 3, 2015

Trump Frightens Them

Many Republicans are criticizing Donald Trump on the basis that he is “not a Republican.” Who sez​ Donald trump has as much right to be a Republican as any citizen of the United States? Nobody....but NOBODY has the right to tell him he cannot be. What they mean is he is a simple citizen, albeit a very rich one. He has enough money not to be “beholden” to ANYONE..If being rich was something that prohibited him from being a member of ANY political party, the Democrats (and Republicans) would lose MOST of their best-known candidates. What they really mean is they're deathly AFRAID of him. They know he can WIN, and “take away their lollipops.”

FLAGS AT HALF-STAFF: Obama has ordered all flags on federal property to be lowered to half-staff in honor of the victims in the most recent mass shooting. That brings up the question: “Why didn't he do that to remember all the cops that have been killed in response to his call to kill more cops? (transmitted by America's thugs?”) The answer is simple. The cops died to promote HIS plans. Those college students didn't. Their deaths are a “handy tool” to use in disarming honest citizens.

A “GOOD GUY WITH A GUN”: Milwaukee Sheriff David Clark surprised the Obama mouthpiece who was asked what laws could be made to stop things like that college shooting in Oregon from happening when he answered the question for him. He said we need to arm EVERYBODY so there would be a high probability of somebody already there armed and ready to ”take him out” before he could kill all nine people. It's a simple solution liberals will never grasp. They're too determined to DISARM all Americans (except the criminals, of course).

AMERICA BOMBS HOSPITAL: An American airstrike bombed a hospital run by “Doctors Without Borders” in Syria while pursuing it's efforts to help the “rebels” who aren't really rebels at all, but who are mostly Islamic terrorists who want to get rid of Syria's president, so they can “take over” another country.

NETANYAHU SLAMS UN: In a speech before the UN, he spent a lot of time “slamming” the UN itself for IGNORING the attacks on Israel by the Palestinians while calling Israel's retaliation raids “unprovoked. Then he spent 45 seconds “staring them down” in silence. Will his speech change anybody's mind? Doubtful. They all KNEW about the things he revealed, but they don't care because most of them are “in on it.” Better he just “nuke” the Palestinians and get rid of the problem for good.

GOBAL POLICE FORCE: That's what Obama wants, anyway. And that's what he's trying to create in his talks with the United Nations recently. He's using the excuse that “extremism” in the United States (against him, of course) requires it. What he doesn't say is the”extremism” is simply OPPOSITION to his policies, and is clearly the business of the United States, not the UN. It is NOT “extremism,” but simply OPPOSITION. The “extremism” is all on his side. Obama clearly wants to be our dictator and hasn't much time left to solidify his power. So he's working HARD to accomplish it, at all costs.


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