Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Americans Going Nuts

I've seen schools penalizing students for flying a Confederate Flag, or even wearing a t-shirt with one on it, even though a little study of history will show It was even once used by DEMOCRATS in their campaigns. And it stands for FREEDOM, not slavery. I've even seen STUPID “school officials” punishing students for flying or wearing the AMERICAN Flag (which is really STUPID!). But now, in Gresham, Oregon, they've punished a student for wearing a shirt that supported our TROOPS! That is the HEIGHT of stupidity. Do school officials take “STUPID PILLS” these days, or what? Somebody needs to FIRE these fools! But their bosses are probably just as stupid.

WHO CARES? Obama has banned pork in prisons because it “offended” too many Muslims. Who the hell CARES what “offends” Muslims? Especially Muslims that have violated the law? This country is bending over FORWARD way too often for these fools. They need to learn that they're not in their Muslim countries. They need to learn to “assimilate” into our culture, or go BACK to a Muslim country and quit screwing with us in OUR country. And to hell with “religious freedom." Muslim is not even a religion. they just pretend to be one so they can use our goodness as a weakness to screw us.

DON'T WANT TO BE LIED TO: That's Milwaukee sheriff's reason for not watching the Democrat debates. He says, “If I want to be lied to, I'll question a criminal.” I had the same reason for not watching it. I don't have two hours to waste listening to lies and posturing. If anything important was said there, I'll be told about it without wasting my time having my ears blistered by their bloated lies. I did notice that Bernie agrees with Hillary that Congress should “get past” her e-mail troubles (while Hillary stood there nodding her head as he spoke), without ever getting to the true answers to the questions they have so far failed to elicit. I didn't have to watch the whole thing to find that out.

HILLARY WON THE DEBATE: At least, that's what the liberal media wants you to think, according to all their dispatches. And, of course, the “alternative media picks up on it. Of course, it's easy for her to win when her opponents are “given orders” NOT to oppose her on anything important, or they'll suffer later. How do you have a “debate” when everybody agrees with “the anointed one?” Her backing is starting to “crack,” though, with Obama “throwing her under the bus” from behind his back the other day.

SCREW UNITY!” That's what Hillary said. She's PROUD to have made enemies of all Republicans. But what did she expect when everything she espouses is diametrically OPPOSED to their values? Meanwhile, the Sheriff of Milwaukee county didn't watch because “he didn't want to be lied to.” I didn't watch because I don't have two hours to waste listening to drivel, and I noticed (in the excerpts this morning) that Bernie also thinks we should “get past” her e-mail crimes.

NO MORE MONEY”: Planned Parenthood has stopped “taking money” for the dead infant body parts they supply. At least, they've stopped giving receipts for the money they get paid, so as not to lose the $BILLIONS they get from the feds. If anybody believes they have REALLY stopped accepting cash, I got a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you. If they think this will make it “all better,” they have many more thinks coming. A dead baby is a dead baby even if you don't give receipts when you sell their body parts..

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