Saturday, October 24, 2015

You Gotta Believe!

John Kerry (the stupid) says if you don't believe in the AlGore swindle, “global warming” (now “climate change”, to make it easier to con us), you're not fit to be elected to ANY office, much less the presidency. What the hell makes John (stupid) Kerry think he has the right to DICTATE what qualifies somebody to run for elective office? He also wants to send the cops after ALL those who disagree with him about global warming. So I guess it's now against the law to disagree? Global warming (under whatever name) has been discredited in so many ways, so many times, that only the stupid or ignorant still believe in it. That includes Kerry, and Obama. And all those fools in the UN.

USE LESS, PAY MORE: In Denver, Colorado, a few years ago, there was a campaign to get citizens to use less water. They did. So the Water Company, "concerned about falling revenues,” RAISED THEIR RATES to “make up the shortfall.” California is suffering now from similar “falling revenues” after a concerted campaign to get Californians to use less power. So what's going to happen? You guessed it, they're going to raise the rates to get power. And, of course, since they're “the only game in town,” they have to pay it. They did what was asked of them, and now they have to pay. Go figure.

THE FOOLS ARE HAPPY: Those “global warming fools” are happy as clams. We're about to see the WORST hurricane in the history of the world (or so they say), and they fully intend to attribute it to global warming (under whatever name it's going by now) and scam even more money out of the gullible Americans who still believe in the global warming religion. What we can't be sure of is, IS it the “worse one in the history of the world?” They've only been keeping records for a few of those years and we don't know how bad it was before they started keeping track of it.

SEARS SURRENDERS TO ISLAM: They introduced a hat with the word, “Infidel” on it, and a Muslim complained, saying the word was “offensive.” so they discontinued it. Frankly, I don't care a whit about what “offends” Muslims. But if I want to buy a hat with “Infidel” on it, I have that right. And Sears has the right to sell me one, whatever a Muslim fool thinks. I'm getting very tired of Muslims coming here and trying to impose THEIR values on us. I think we need to start telling them to “go to hell.”

DEMS OUTLAW TWO WORDS: They've introduced a measure to outlaw the use, by the government, of “alien” or “illegal alien.” I guess that's their way of being able to throw the illegal alien problem under the rug. They know it's unconstitutional for them to ban their use of those words by LAW, so they're going to do it for the feds, and then start applying PC pressure to keep US from using it. But, as with all the rest of the PC words they've managed to ban, that will NEVER stop ME from using them. They can “come after me” if they want, but that STILL won't stop me. I don't do “politically correct.” You can't effectively fight a problem if you refuse to even name it. Obama needs to learn that.

HILLARY CRITICIZED THE NRA: And their membership, as well as their “favorably rating”among Americans, INCREASED—again. That's something liberals never take into account. And it's also reflected in the fact that Obama is known as the "best gun salesman in the country.” The more he rants and raves about “the gun problem,” and the more he makes laws and regulations  against guns, the higher the guns sales soar. People who think he's ultimately going to ban guns altogether (which is illegal), the more guns they buy, and they hide many of them away so he can't send his thugs later to steal them.

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