Friday, October 9, 2015

Proof They're Criminals

The left will never accept the truth that Planned Parenthood is “murder incorporated” for unborn babies. They keep insisting that if PP is defunded it will spell disaster for women's health, which is a big pile of steaming horse manure. But they think we believe their crap, and go on as if we did. An action that will spell disaster for THEM in the next election. And they're blissfully unaware of that, for which I am ever grateful. It's their “Achilles heel.”

GLOBAL WARNING IS BUNK! Also known as “climate change” to make it easier to attribute ANY weather anomaly to it. Yet they're still pushing it as if it were real, while today's REAL climate scientists are AGAIN worrying about “global COOLING!” which only proves that global climate is CYCLICAL, with the globe warming and cooling in CYCLES, regardless of ANYTHING man can do to either accelerate it or slow it down. But that swindle is a big moneymaker for AlGore, and it can give Obama more and better controlling laws and regulations and it matters NOT that we know it's phony. As long as they SAY it's a problem, they can exploit it.

WHAT GROWTH? WHAT WORKERS? The White House says, “We want to make sure the benefits of 'economic growth' are shared by all workers,” What the hell? With unemployment at an all-time high, and 95 MILLION people out of work, and an untold number of people who have GIVEN UP ever finding a job, again, with a national debt that has TRIPLED under Obama, WHAT “economic growth?” and “what “workers?” This is a typical example of liberal thinking: put out a LIE and expect people to believe it. Those who pay no attention to politics (those who are still employed) will believe it. Unfortunately, there aren't too many of those left.

ONE MORE REASON: As if I needed one more reason NOT to vote for socialist Hillary Clinton. She is not saying she will “ignore the Constitution” in banning guns from all Americans (except for her and her friends, of course, who can afford to HIRE their own gun-carriers). This “ditsy broad” thinks that's a reason TO vote for her, which shows the low level of her intelligence. If you want yet another INCOMPETENT politician at the helm, vote for her. But if you want somebody INTELLIGENT in office, vote for somebody else (NOT Bernie Sanders of Joe (Gaffe) Biden).

USELESS BACKGROUND CHECKS: Liberals are putting out a question that asks about “apples and oranges.” They ask, “How come conservatives, who say background checks don't stop gun crime want “voter ID to stop voter fraud?” What a STUPID question. If a background check doesn't work, somebody DIES. If somebody votes ten times and a Democrat wins by ten votes, nobody dies (right away, anyway, just later from his/her policies).

HILLARY BASHES “SUPER RICH”: Irony alert! She bashes people who have a lot of money, and, of course, she's entitled to do it. She's only worth $32 million dollars (and that's just what we KNOW about). Compared to people like Donald Trump, she's hardly “super rich.” It takes a lot more money to be “super rich” these days with guys like Trump in the picture. But to the "average American, she IS "super rich." and has become so as a denizen of Washington, DC.

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