Tuesday, October 27, 2015

You're A "Potential Terrorist"

At least, according to the feds. If you are a conservative, a Christian, a libertarian, or a gun owner, you're “potential terrorist.” If you're opposed to abortion, communism, illegal immigration, or the United Nations, also. And if you believe the “new world order” is a danger, if you think “we are in the end times,” or visit “alternative news sites” like Fox News, you're a “potential terrorist.” All of those apply to me, so I must be a “potential terrorist,” although I've never contemplated killing innocent people to make a political or religious point. I've never raped or beheaded anybody for not agreeing with my “directives.” Meanwhile, Muslim extremists, who HAVE, are NOT, according to the feds.

WHY IS HILLARY STILL A CANDIDATE? Any Republican who was caught in as many lies and crimes as has Hillary been, theywould have long since seen the “handwriting on the wall” and “disappeared into the mists,” KNOWING she could never be president, so she might as well give it up. But not Hillary. She believes the horse manure fed us by the liberal media that she's still a “front-runner” among Democrats. The liberal media is so “deep in the bag” for Hillary, they still think she can beat any candidate the Republicans can dig up. She'll soon find out the truth, when she starts facing a REAL candidate.

TYPICAL GUN-HATING FOOL: Quentin Tarantino, who has made more money from guns in his many “killer” flicks than anybody else, thinks cops are murderers, and he said so in public, recently. The Police Union in new York City says all human beings should stay away from his movies, because of his STUPIDITY. Like most gun-hating fools, he is ignoring recent statistics that show that cops killing thugs (rightly or wrongly) has gone down precipitously. Also that the number of black men killed by OTHER black men has stayed high. But that's typical of gun-haters.

SHOOTER ASSAULTED IN PRISON: Colorado theater shooter James Holmes was “assaulted in prison.” At least, that's the word. But in reality, another prisoner just TRIED to assault him before he was stopped, and dragged away. Personally, I think other prisoners ought to give him a taste of “real life justice.” They should have done a lot more than they did. They should have beat him within an inch of his life—or even more. He's got it coming.

KERRY COMPLETELY CLUELESS: And this is our Secretary of State! The guy who is supposed to be intelligent enough to guide our foreign policy. And he is so STUPID he thinks Israel is the terrorist, when, in reality, Israel is merely RESPONDING to the terrorism of the Palestinians, who are daily sending rocket bombs into Israel, while Palestinian individuals are on a mass stabbing spree in Israel. Will Kerry ever wake up? Doubtful. He isn't smart enough.

LESS THAN 30,000 A YEAR! Horrors! Didja know the “poverty level” put out by the feds is $30.000 a year? Looks like I've been in poverty most of my adult life, and I didn't know it. Actually, I thought I was doing pretty well for a high school grad. But apparently, according to the feds, I wasn't I was living at below the "poverty level." I've come to the conclusion that they have no idea what the poverty level is. They're just making it up as they go along.

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