Wednesday, October 7, 2015

"We Don't Serve Cops Here":

A “Dunkin Donuts shop in Connecticut told a cop, “We don't serve cops here.” Cops should tell them, “If you get robbed, don't bother to call 9/11. We don't serve 'Dunkin' Donuts here'.” If ever there was a bunch of FOOLS it's whoever told this to that cop. And this is not the only place this has happened. There have been similar reports elsewhere. What the hell do they think they'll do when a “bad guy” comes in to victimize them? I know the cops will not be anxious to help such fools. But they'll probably come, anyway.

BAIT AND SWITCH”: They want to make bags at the grocery optional, that you must pay to use. In England they're talking about 6 cents a bag, figuring people will usually not remember to carry their own bags. They make it “optional” now, but once they have it in place it's easy to make it MANDATORY in the future. It's a “bait and switch” operation, and they use it all the time to slip such things in on us, get it accepted, then make it MANDATORY.

MISREADING THE CONSTITUTION: That's what politicians do all the time, to force their damned fool ideas upon the rest of us. They did it when they insisted that people needed to be members of an “organized militia” to own and carry a gun when “organized militias did not exist then. ALL THE PEOPLE were considered to be a “militia.” Likewise, the term, “”separation of church and state” only appeared in a LETTER between two Founders, and DOES NOT APPEAR in the Constitution. Atheists demand the removal of ALL VESTIGES of religion from ANY governmental institution. What part of NO LAW don't they understand?

VERY CONVENIENT: It's very convenient for Joe Biden's son, as his dying wish, to tell his father he SHOULD run for president. Of course, as with Harry Reid's imaginary friend that told him a Republican presidential candidate had not paid his taxes in ten years, nobody else heard him say it. Democrats use that scam a lot: retelling something an IMAGINARY friend told them and saying it out loud as if it were true. And they EXPECT us to believe it. It becomes “part of the lexicon” and never goes away. Democrats won't let it.

OH! TRUMP'S LOST! That's what Democrats AND some Republicans are saying, since a recent poll put Dr. Carson slightly ahead of him on ONE poll recently. They keep saying he now HAS TO “drop out” because he said that if he was losing, he would. But he's NOT LOSING, he simply placed second IN ONE POLL, today. Tomorrow, it may be completely different. He might pick up ten points. And ten more the next day. Will they shut up? Probably not.

SPINELESS JELLYFISH”: The headline says, “Putin Makes Obama Look Like A Spineless Jellyfish.” Like it was only in Putin's mind. It isn't. Obama IS a “spineless jellyfish,” and the sooner we get him out of that office, the better off we will be. His policies have significantly WEAKENED our military, promoted the wild growth of ISIS to the tune of millions of innocent deaths, and he has LOST two wars for us, after we had them WON. He has also “spent us into bankruptcy,” having spent more than ALL previous presidents, put together., while TRIPLING the national debt.

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