Saturday, October 17, 2015

Just Like Obama

Putin says he will send in “no troops on the ground.” Right. He will not send HIS troops in, but he WILL send in CASTRO'S troops. Obama and Putin are “woven from the same cloth.” I don't know if Obama is taking tips from Putin, or if Putin is emulating Obama. But the fact remains, BOTH do everything they can to fool the world as to what they're doing, while what they do is bad for their people.

DEMOCRATS ALL EXCITED: They had SIXTEEN MILLION VIEWERS for their two-hour snore-fest. Of course, they ignore the fact that the Republicans has 24 MILLION, eight million more than they got. But facts never enter into the thinking process of a Democrat. They “adjust them” to fit their fancies. Everything they do seems to be a “smaller example” of what the Republicans do. I hope that trend continues.

IT'S PART OF HISTORY!”: That's what school “authorities” say when they're caught spending a LOT of time teaching about Islam, while ignoring other religions, especially Christianity. This, of course, ignores the fact that, under the phony “separation of church and state,” NO religion should be taught in our schools. But they conveniently ignore that when it comes to teaching about the “Five Pillars of Wisdom” in the Muslim “faith.” Somebody, in a “high place” somewhere, wants to teach about Islam, on the Q. T.

TAX ON BULLETS: They can't just BAN GUNS, so they go to work on bullets, which have no Second Amendment protection. As usual, it starts in California. Los Angeles has passed an ordinance putting a tax on every bullet sold, figuring the extra cost will discourage “mass killers.” Only time will tell if it will, but I suspect somebody who wants to commit a crime that will probably result in his own death doesn't worry overmuch about the cost. All their useless laws do nothing to deter ILLEGAL shooters, who don't OBEY laws. There's a Second Amendment to protect guns, but not for bullets. So they become the targets.

ENDED TWO WARS”: “Responsibly.” That's what Obama says. But the TRUTH (which Obama will never tell) is, he failed to do that. Yes, he told us famously that he had :”ended two wars responsibly.” But what he did was tell them to “cut and run” while leaving millions of dollars' worth of weapons, ordinance, and equipment for the Islamic terrorists to “take over” and use in their quest to kill and maim people who did not believe the way they wanted them to believe. Now it turns out even THAT was false. He is leaving 5,500 troops in Afghanistan “in a non-combat posture,” meaning they can't fire until fired upon, and sometimes not even then, guaranteeing death for many of them.

SCREW 'EM: The federal government has effectively BANNED the use of the word “Jihadist” to describe....well....Jihadists. If they think that's going to stop me from using the word, they've got many other thinks coming. I call 'em what they ARE, in spite of what Obama's thugs say. If they want to come and get me for that, let 'em come. I'll still be using that word as they drag me off to the pokey.

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