Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Mother Orders Daughter's Death!

Walid Shoebat, a (former) Jihadist, writes about a girl whose death was ordered by her own MOTHER and carried out by her BROTHERS after her mother could find no “hit man” to kill her (and was too chicken to do it herself). Her “CRIME?” She was RAPED by a Muslim man and her family from then on found her “unclean.” What about the man who raped her? He is not mentioned, and remains nameless, to go out and rape another girl, who will then be considered “unclean” and probably killed by her own Muslim family. If the man is ever found, he will not be punished. They will say she “seduced him.”

SOWELL'S RIGHT: In a recent article in which he cites many facts IGNORED by “gun-law crazies,” he says this: “The zealotry of gun-control advocates might make some sense if they had any serious evidence that more restrictive gun-control laws actually reduce gun crimes. But they seldom even discuss the issue in terms of empirical evidence.” They won't discuss it because they know there's no HONEST answer they can give to this KNOWN fact without proving themselves wrong. The article appeared in “The Columbian,” if you want to Goggle it. Or just go to Sowell's web site.

SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST? Now they're saying Ben Carson is a “Seventh Day Adventist.” So the hell WHAT? I don't know of anything in their liturgy that makes them unable to swear allegiance to the Constitution of the United States, as there is in the Muslim “religion,” which isn't a real religion at all, just CLAIMS to be one, to take advantage of our preferential treatment of religions. So what do we care about that?

OBAMA BLAMES FOX: Surprise, surprise! It's always Fox or Bush. It's always somebody else, not his own ignorant policies. Fox was only the conduit for the TRUTH about him. So yes, they MAY be “responsible” for getting the truth out. So what? That's their job, and they seem to be one of the few outlets that is DOING that job, today. And that's what Obama hates about them. He hates ANYBODY who tells the truth instead of “carrying his water.”

PLAYBOY'S A GONER: They've announced they will no longer publish pictures of naked women. Do they really think anybody reads their magazine for anything ELSE? Yes, they have some quality articles, but I stopped reading them a long time ago because other magazines have better ones. It's really funny that the FIRST “soft-core porn” magazine was “done in” by porn on the Internet. I wonder if any of the other myriad similar mags will do the same. And if they do, will they survive?

THEY REALLY GOT GALL: Muslims are going to court to force schools to teach that “Muhhammed is the prophet of God” in schools. Boy, they sure have their gall! We can't even teach that “Jesus is our Savior” in schools, and they want to FORCE us to teach a LIE?  Their lie? All part of their scheme to “infiltrate” us and create a Muslim state undercover. I'd tell them to stick it in what's pointing upward when they pray.

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