Sunday, October 11, 2015

Do They Take Stupid Pills?

I can't figure out why so many politicians keep making those STUPID laws to “stop gun violence” when they KNOW they don't work. We keep telling them and telling them and facts back us up that they don't work, but every time there's a mass shooting they're right out there demanding more of their USELESS “gun laws” that they KNOW don't work. Are they daft? Or just feeble-minded? Or are they more interested in disarming law-abiding citizens than they are the criminals, who don't obey laws? Do they have an agenda we don't know about?

WHY ALLOW THEM IN? Palestinians are the source of most of the problems Israelis face. They're troublemakers and fools. They demonstrate, throw rocks, plant bombs and generally make life miserable for Israelis. So why do they let them in, in the first place. If I was the “authority” in Israel, I'd ban them from entering, and DAMN the reaction from the world's liberals (fools). I'd come up with ways to instantly locate the place from which rocket bombs are fired and blow it away. To hell with worrying about killing civilians. They purposely put those people in danger by firing rocket bombs into Israel from within their apartment complexes, hospitals, and schools, and the locals LET them. They know we won't do that, and we need to disabuse them of that notion.

GUARANTEEING THEIR DEATH: Obama has pulled 10,000 troops out of Afghanistan, leaving only about 1,000 there. Which guarantees they will be sorely outnumbered when the Islamic terrorists attack them. And I'd bet they aren't all together in one group, making them easier prey, yet. By pulling out most of his troops, he has guaranteed defeat for many of those left, and their deaths will be on his hands. He will, of course, deny that, to his “dying day.” But it won't work. We're “onto him” now.

WE'RE STUCK WITH BOEHNER: For an unspecified future period. He now says, “I will remain as speaker until a new one is elected.” Which he plans to prevent, as long as possible. That was proven by his INSTANTLY closing the meeting where a new Speaker election was to be held when ONE of the three candidates pulled out, without an election being allowed. It was his chance to get an “unending period” as Speaker so he can continue to promote Obama's agenda, pushing Obama's wishes through Congress, for as long as possible maybe after Obama is gone (if he ever goes)..

HILLARY'S “ALTERNATE UNIVERSE”: It's like Hillary lives in an “alternative universe” whenever she tries to answer questions about her private e-mail service. She says it was “completely aboveboard and legal” for her to use a private e-mail service, when it was patently NOT. And I'm sure she BELIEVES that crap, even if it is a LIE. She now wants us to “move on” from that “politically-motivated problem,” but still won't properly answer questions about it. Until she does (which, in my experience, will be never) we will continue to ask questions about it.

PEELOSI WRONG AGAIN: She says the last gun shop in San Francisco closing because of the latest onerous gun law was simply a “private sector decision.” Yes, it was. Fueled by a dictatorial law made by fools that will make San Francisco more dangerous for law-abiding citizens who will OBEY those fool laws while criminals won't. Making all of SF a “gun-free zone” is tantamount to telling criminals to “have a field day” and “shoot us up at will," since there will be no guns here to oppose you until the cops get there, long after you've killed a bunch of people and left).

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