Friday, October 16, 2015

ONLY "Black Lives Matter!"

That seems to be what the “Black Lives Matter fools are promoting. If ANYBODY even so much as SUGGESTS that ALL lives matter, they “go bananas” and want to run them out of the room. Maybe even the STATE. They really want to KILL them, but they're not Muslims. They wouldn't get away with it. The Muslims are killing people who don't agree with them, even some who won't JOIN them all over the world. Bullies like that think they can win that way. All they do is "stiffen the spines" of their victims, who soon "rise up" and beat the snot out of them.

CLOSING GITMO: WHY? Only liberals are protesting GITMO. Frankly, who cares what happens to Muslim killers we caught killing innocent people, both Americans, and others? Castro is now demanding his land back. Never mind Cuba gave us a LONG lease on that land. We built what's ON that land, Cuba didn't. If we close it, we have to ship those killers, rapists, and beheaders SOMEWHERE. We don't want them here, for ANY reason. If they get released (and under Obama that's a good possibility) it's HERE. So they can “disappear into the populace” and plan their killings. They're looking at sending some to Colorado. I don't want them anywhere near Colorado. But Obama doesn't care what I want. It's what HE wants that counts, to him.

TOO DAMNED MUCH “UNCOMFORTABLE”: They banned the Pledge of Allegiance at one community college because it made somebody “uncomfortable.” So what. Live with it. You're in this country and should pledge allegiance to it. If you're “uncomfortable” with it, you should move elsewhere where you CAN be comfortable. We don't need you here. Just SHUT UP!

SHARE THE PROFITS”: Hillary has promised to “make the wealthy pay” and FORCE them to “share the profits.” Which is the usual SOCIALIST campaign promise that STEALS money from the rich, who EARNED it, and gives it to the “poor,” who didn't, and COULDN'T—or they would have. Yet another reason NOT to elect her to ANYTHING--as if we needed more. This is how countries like Russia get conned into becoming a communist empire. Appealing to those who want to get all they can get without working for it.

AGAINST THE NRA? Not a chance. The only people who want to go against the NRA are the gun-grabbing fools and they ALREADY hate the NRA. But the fact is, the NRA represents MILLIONS of us who want to keep our gun rights so we can defend ourselves against people who DISOBEY laws and get their guns ILLEGALLY. You'll NEVER get us to go against the NRA. Bernie Sanders is right. “all the shouting in the world is not going to keep guns out of the wrong hands.”

REDUCE TENSIONS IN ISRAEL?" That's what Obama and his cadre of fools is telling Israel while the Palestinians are still sending rocket bombs into Israel every day. What Israel does is RETALIATION, which they are entitled to do! Israel will agree to help “reduce tensions” as soon as the Palestinians stop rocket bombing innocent people and other Palestinians stop stabbing and shooting Israelis. It's a simple solution, but the Palestinians aren't willing to do it.

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