Monday, October 5, 2015

Obama: "No Right to Guns"

Obama says you have no right to self-defense OR to have and use a gun FOR self-defense. That's what Obama told gun rights expert John Lott years ago, long before he ever became president. This in spite of the Second Amendment, which GUARANTEES that right. Something a supposed “constitutional scholar” (which he claims to be) SHOULD know. But apparently, he doesn't. Or he just ignores it. A man with this kind of opinion should NEVER be allowed near the White House, much less allowed to OCCUPY it.

THE SAME OL' CRAP: Obama says he will keep on “politicizing” the deaths of innocents in mass shootings because we need to do SOMETHING to stop it. What he doesn't say (never says, because he doesn't know it) is that the “same ol' crap” gun grabbers are pushing, won't DO a single thing about the “gun violence problem.” It only makes it worse, so he can politicize it even more and make more and more laws and regulations that further erode our constitutional rights. All he's interested in is DISARMING all Americans (except the criminals, of course, who obey no laws)

GUN SAFETY RULE #1: Everybody talks about gun safety. Mostly the idiots who want to deny us the right to self defense and the right to own and carry the means to that end, a gun. And there are several good rules on gun safety, such as, “always figure a gun is loaded,” or “never point a gun at yourself, or anybody else you don't want to shoot.” But “Gun Rule #1 is this: “CARRY ONE.” If you don't, you will remain defenseless when ILLEGALLY-armed criminals, or TERRORISTS, “come for you. Don't be a “statistic.”

AFRAID TO ANSWER: Nancy Peelosi was recently asked about whether an unborn baby is a human being and her answer was simple: “I don't plan to respond to that question.” Why is that, I wonder? Is it because she thinks killing babies is “right and proper” and is AFRAID to answer? It's pretty bad when the Minority Leader in the House APPROVES of what baby murderers are doing and is AFRAID to talk about it. Liberals (falsely) called returning Vietnam vets “baby killers” when they returned home. Now the SAME PEOPLE are REAL “baby killers.” Go figure.

PRACTICE WHAT HE PREACHES: Obama says global warming (or “climate change,” as AlGore now calls it so he can attribute ANY weather changes to it) is a “national security danger.” Then he takes a fuel-guzzling, pollution belching HELICOPTER to get to a golf game. Of course, it's never ONE helicopter, it's always THREE to fool people who want to kill him. I've seen some presidents who didn't care a whit what people say, but this one is the worst.

JUST WAITING TO BE OFFENDED: Some people out there are just WAITING to be offended by what human beings think doesn't matter a whit. Yes, a picture of a car stranded by a big sink hole is news, but nobody was hurt in this one, and Today's Al Roker and his crew were actually SMILING in this “selfie,” with the car in the background. Which made some people mad, and he had to apologize. There are a lot of more important things out there to get mad over, so why don't they get mad at THOSE?

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