Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Thin-Skinned Fools

Word is, Amazon was selling an Israeli soldier costume for Halloween, and Sidney Blumenthal's son blasted them. I guess all the AMERICAN soldier costumes that have been on sale for years didn't “offend” anybody. Methinks they doth protest too much. People (mostly Muslims) are so EASY to offend these days. All it takes is ONE complaint to get any large company like amazon to discontinue something. Even if that complaint comes from a Muslim, in which case it shouldn't be taken seriously, at all. Who cares what Muslims think? They're only here to make trouble at every turn.

TRUMP NOW SECOND: And Trump supporters are losing their minds! What the hell FOR? Polls, especially at this point, don't mean a helluva lot. Tomorrow, Trump could be ahead of everybody, INCLUDING Hillary (whose numbers are being “propped up” by the liberal media to make it SEEM like she is a strong candidate, when she isn't). People get way too “invested” in these early polls. I can't tell you how far Bush was back at one time, in the polls, but he not only won, he won two terms.

AMY SHUMER FOR GUN CONTROL: Who the hell CARES? Yes, her cousin is Democrat Senator Chuck Shumer, but again, who the hell CARES? We all know Democrats want to disarm all Americans so they can send their thugs (with badges) around to steal what's ours, later without meaningful opposition. So who cares that they “favor gun control?” It must be a “slow news day” if this makes news. I stipulate: ALL Democrats are “in favor” of gun control. Can we move on, now? Seems like she's the “star” of a show called, “Trainwreck.” I thought that was describing HER if she feels it necessary to stick her nose into Chuckie's politics.

CLEANSE THE LANGUAGE”: How do you solve thee illegal alien problem with a swish of a pen? Easy. Just BAN the use of the words “illegal alien.” POOF! No illegal alien problem. That's apparently how Obama plans to “solve that problem.” I seem to remember a few words that got banned in the old Soviet Union a few years ago. Did those problems go away? Apparently not, which is why they found it necessary to finally pretend that “communism (close cousin to socialism) died” in the soviet Union, while socialism is “alive and well,”: with the SAME PEOPLE still in charge.

IS BOEHNER “DEMOCRAT MAJORITY LEADER?” One would think so. Mostly, since the last election—you know, the one that gave Republicans BOTH houses of congress, so, in theory, Republicans should now be able to get their way, huh? Not so's ya could notice it! Ever since, he's been SURRENDERING to the Democrats at every turn. And now he is “spearheading” the Democrat attempt to (again) raise the debt limit so Obama can spend even more money than there ever WILL be. He's already spent more than there IS!

144 PAGE BILL AT MIDNIGHT: The Republicans (led by Boehner) posted a 144 page bill at midnight, and expected it to be voted on the next day. Hey, Boehner! That's a DEMOCRAT trick! If I were a member of Congress, in either party, I would vote AGAINST such bills, on principle, every time. No matter how important passage is, according to the “leaders.” ANY time a bill that is too long to expect people to BE ABLE to read it in the given time, should be DEFEATED.

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