Sunday, October 18, 2015

Get Used to It!

Many liberals are saying the Constitution is the “problem” in today's efforts to govern. MSNBC's Chris Hayes says, “Our Constitutional form of government inhibits the ability for government to adequately (or speedily) race toward action.” Hey, Cris: Our Constitutional form of government s the “law of the land!” All subsidiary laws made MUST conform to it. It is the Constitution that is the FOUNDATION for ALL our laws. Get used to it! It was DESIGNED to inhibit the government from “taking over” out Rights. The only “fatal flaw” with the Constitution is that they failed to prescribe a “draconian punishment” for politicians who willfully violated it, beyond having their unconstitutional laws reversed. It is fools like Hayes that allowed the communists to take over in Russia and subject the Russian people to 75 years of socialist misery.

THEY CAN'T LIST 'EM: The Obama State Dept. “mindlessly parrots Arab criticisms of Israel, but they can't provide examples of Israeli “excesses” in dealing with Palestinians. Surprise, surprise! That's because there aren't any. But still they talk about them, even though they don't exist. I don't know what it is with these people! Are they STUPID, or just mindlessly obeying Obama, who wants to convince the world Israel is oppressing” Palestinians, when it is just the other way around. I'm talking about their DAILY rocket bomb attacks into Israel, and individual Palestinians shooting and stabbing random Israelis all over the place.

ANYBODY BUT HILLARY: Everybody seems mystified about why the Benghazi Committee is questioning Huma Abedin before they get around to talking to Hillary. I am too. What has Humna to say about Hillary's incompetence on the subject? Hillary was Secretary of State and was BEGGED for more security by the ambassador there because of heightened threats. Then when the attack began, she was again begged to send troops (who WERE close by) to help. They were ready, willing, and able. The attack lasted for a long time. There was plenty of time for them to get there. Why did she condemn those four people to death? What has Huma got to do with that, which got her questioned BEFORE Hillary?

GUN CONFISCATION? One more reason NOT to elect Hillary Clinton, as if we needed one more. She has now announced that she is in favor of “Australian-style gun confiscation.” You know, the action that caused a 300% INCREASE in gun violence there, which is continuing and growing worse, as we speak. Like all the politicians that favor “gun control,” she isn't interested in “stopping gun crime.” She just wants to DISARM AMERICANS while she runs around behind a WALL of armed “security.”

ANGRY WHITE AMERICANS”: Liberals like to talk about “angry white Americans,” while being the party of angry white Americans, while Republicans have Hispanics, blacks, and women in their line-up. It's a typical misdirection by Democrats like the one where they insist that Republicans are racists, while it is DEMOCRATS Martin Luther King demonstrated against. The cartoon linked here is an excellent example.

OBAMA'S PASTOR: The pastor Obama listened to for 20 years (while claiming not to hear any of his regular rants in those 20 years) is in the news again with an atrocious rant. I won't even bother to tell you what he said, but the whole point is that Obama sat through 20 years' worth of similar rants and CLAIMS to have never heard anything like what that pastor is best known for. Was he asleep, or just unconscious? Or is he simply LYING? That last seems more likely, in view of his usual LIES.

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