Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Boycott Star Wars?

The new “trailer” (preview) for the new “Star-Wars” movie has “incurred the wrath” of the damned fools on the liberal side, because they used a black actor for the lead role. You just can't please these guys! If there had been no black actors in the cast, they'd have complained about THAT. What the hell do they WANT? Oh, I know, they want something to gripe about, and make trouble for the producers. That's what they want. But all they will accomplish is a lot of free publicity for the movie. But when you can gripe, whichever way they go, it's perfect. Damn, I get tired of these “rabble-rousers” who take offense at ANYTHING. We need to “slap them down.”

IT'S NOT NECESSARY: 16 states are making laws to ban Sharia Law from ever being a part of their legal system. But in truth, such laws are a waste of time. Sharia is already against the “law of the land,” because it does not conform to the U. S. Constitution, which is the BASIS for ALL our laws. So any law based on sharia would not “pass muster,” anywhere in America. Some people just can't understand this.

WHAT “OBSESSES” ISRAEL? Everybody seems to be asking “What obsesses Israel about the Palestinians?” Nobody seems to understand that the answer is very simple. Israel wants to stay alive. The Palestinians, along with the Iranians, have SWORN to DESTROY Israel, and Palestinians work toward that end, every day, sending rocket bombs into Israel, while individual Palestinians go into Israel and randomly stab people to death, sometimes dying themselves in the process.

REIMBURSE TAXPAYERS” Harry Reid thinks the government should “reimburse taxpayers” for the cost of the “Benghazi Committee” because they haven't uncovered anything. He, being a Democrat, of course, ignores the REASON they have yet to uncover anything: the Obama coverup. Hillary has been asked many important questions, which she has avoided answering, while Obama's minions have worked overtime to KEEP her from having to answer them because he knows if she does, “the jig is up.” Of course, they will call me a racist because I used the word, “jig.” That way they can ignore the TRUTH of what I said.

WHAT KIND OF SOB? What kind of a son of a bitch kills a four-year old little girl because he got cut off in traffic? Yes, I used that whole three-word description of the shooter who, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, drove up beside a car and started shooting into it, hitting a little girl in the head. They rushed her to the hospital, but she died. This story is so bad, so disgusting, that I thought using the whole thing was called for. If he's ever caught, I hope the cop who catches him forgets regulations and beats him to a bloody pulp. He deserves no less.

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