Sunday, October 25, 2015

Is NRA Doomed?

That's what the gun grabbers are telling us. They say they're “too rural and local,” and gun control is “settled science.” Their favorite saying. They use it regularly to support the global warming swindle. But is ISN'T, in either case. There is no such thing. It was once “settled science” that the world was flat. Scientists are constantly making new discoveries that turn “settled science” in it's ear. Meanwhile the NRA continues to “whup their butts” at almost every turn. Obama is “frustrated” by his inability to destroy our ability for self defense. They're “whistling past the graveyard.”

HOW MANY NEW VOTES? Liberals are telling one another that they can gain many new votes for the Democrats who believe in the “global warming religion” from the hurricane threatening Mexico. It was said that it would be the “biggest hurricane in the history of the world.” Never mind they've only been keeping records for a few years. But when it made landfall, it fizzled. It did some damage, yes. But not nearly as much as previous hurricanes. So they can't use it as a fund-raiser, though they'll certainly try.

ANOTHER SCHOOL KILLING: But you'll probably not hear a lot about this one. The killer didn't use a gun. He used a knife. So the liberal media isn't interested. To them, it's a “ho, hum.” It doesn't advance their narrative to disarm America, so they can't be bothered to report it much, if at all. The killer dressed up in a Halloween costume and killed one student, and one teacher with a SWORD, fergawdsakes! Then injured two others. But it was “a good guy with a gun,” a cop, who showed up and shot him, ending his killing spree. At first, they thought it was a Halloween prank. But when he started killing people, they ran. The killer died of his injuries from that gunshot wound. Reporters visibly yawned when they found out no guns were involved, except to STOP the killing.

RADICAL VIEWS: The liberals call the views of the NRA “radical.” But there isn't anything “radical” about wanting to defend yourself against those millions of ILLEGAL guns out there in the hands of criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists, who simply want to kill everybody who doesn't convert to Islam. Liberals think that, when confronted by a guy with a gun, you should just call 911 (if you can, before he shoots you) and wait for a cop to show up and document your death. It's a common perversion for liberals to think that way. If anybody is “radical” in this scenario, it's the gun-grabbers and other liberals.

BIT OFF HIS TONGUE: Antoine Miller, 16, (just a kid) forced his way into this woman's home in Charleston, SC, and tried to rape her. In the process, she bit off his tongue (which he was forcing down her throat), causing him to flee. Frankly, I can think of another appendage she might even better have bitten off, if she had gotten a chance. Cops later found him in a Waffle house, apparently trying to find out if he could taste a waffle without a tongue. He should probably bring a pencil and paper to court, so he can communicate. Somehow, I think this will be his last rape attempt, or he might well LOSE that other appendage, too.

ABSOLUTE BELLY LAUGHER: I don't usually like to show people comics, but this one made me literally fall off my chair. I had a little trouble getting up. I'm old. So sue me! So I thought it would be a good one, as it illustrates the dilemma of the media with respect to Donald Trump. They hit him and hit him and he barely notices it. They hate that. They're used to politicians coming to them. “hat in hand,” apologizing for innocent (usually true) remarks the liberal media doesn't like. Trump doesn't do that. He just ignores them, or hits back in a way that usually shuts them up.

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