Tuesday, October 6, 2015

"We Don't Want You Here!"

That's the message being sent to Obama by the publisher of the Roseburg Beacon, the local newspaper in Roseburg, Oregon, where a anti-religious, racist fool shot and killed NINE people. They know his only reason for coming is to politicize the shooting, and push for more “gun control” laws on the backs of the dead—and they don't want that. Which means if he comes, anyway, they will NOT help in his security, NOR “welcome him.” They will SNUB him, and he will deserve it.

THE “EXECUTIVE ANUS”: That's the nickname an 86-year-old gun shop owner in Roseburg, Oregon gave to Obama, which shows just how much she reveres and respects him. She says they ALREADY have too many gun laws on the books that they IGNORE, while they keep making more and more of them to ignore, laws that, even if enforced, do NOTHING to stop gun violence, and only serve to make honest citizens “easy targets” for ILLEGALLY-armed criminals, who obey NO laws..

HILLARY'S FRIGHTENED: She's now calling the House Committee on Benghazi a “political partisan group.” Just like she called the people investigating Bill's “skirt chasing” a “bimbo eruption.” She thinks she can mute the investigation by calling the investigators names. But, just like with Bill's investigation, she can't. The committee will continue until they get some answers. And when they do, I expect she will be in some serious trouble. Maybe even PRISON trouble, and she will never see the inside of the Oval Office.

BLACK WOMAN SAYS CARSON IS A “COON”: Anthea Butler, a black professor of “religious studies” at Pennsylvania University (where else?), suggested that, “If there were a “Coon of the Year” award, Carson would win it. I guess she figures that, since she's black, herself, she can get away with calling a black man a “coon.” This is not the first time this tenured professor has made a racist comment in public. Since she's obviously a liberal so she can get away with it. Nothing will ever be said, except by conservatives, whose opinions liberals discount, and ignore. UNLESS there's something in what a conservative says they can “seize on” to impugn them.

MESSAGE FOR TERRORISTS: “Don't try it.” His message was a little longer, but that's what it boiled down to. He told them there were a LOT of ex-soldiers who were not only armed, but TRAINED in how to crap on you of you try it. Even the non-trained citizens will “rise up” and kill you in large numbers. Like Tojo figured, “There would be a gun behind every blade of grass” as his reason NOT to invade the American mainland, they should also consider it. He said, “We've been kicking your ass in your own countries, and will continue to do it if you come here.” Islamic terrorists, you'd better listen, and be guided by his words. That was the message given by Dakota Meyer, Medal of Honor recipient. My comment, “You tell 'em. wagon wheel. You've been through it!”

HILLARY'S THE EXTREMIST: She whines that we should “take back the Second Amendment from those extremists!” The “extremists” to whom she refers is the NRA. Whose only consideration is retaining our right to self-defense, while hers is taking our Constitutional rights away from us while she hides behind a wall of ARMED security. She also says she “Is the most transparent person in history,” which gave me a good belly laugh. She's about as transparent as a mud-covered windshield on a red-neck's truck. The only thing “transparent” about her is that she is one of the worst CRIMINALS who ever ran for president.

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