Thursday, October 29, 2015

They Found A Weakness!

The anti-gun fools have been long trying to find a way to keep us from being able to defend ourselves from criminals (including those who wear badges) from stealing everything we have. They know as long as the Second amendment protects our right to have and use guns in our own defense, they will always be in danger as they come to steal our stuff, so they can't just BAN guns. Now they've found a way to make our guns useless. It's called, “ammunition control.” Now they're trying to make “laws” to keep us from buying ammunition, and without ammunition, our guns are just good “door stops” so they can loot us at will.

SCREW HER! Melissa Harris-Perry says you can no longer use the phrase, “hard worker” or any combination that means the same because it is “microagression.” What the hell makes her think a MSNBC host with TWO viewers has the right to BAN the use of words, I don't know. But she is showing the arrogance of most liberal commentators today. Somebody needs to tell her outright, “screw you” and don't kiss her first. What stupidity she displays!

WHY ALWAYS BLACKS? In a recent speech that is guaranteed to make Obama mad as hell, FBI Director Comey told us he was once asked why he prosecuted so many people in the black community. He gave a logical answer: “Because that's where the crime is being committed.” Black men, far from being killed by white cops in big numbers, are more often killed by BLACK MEN. But that's not what the asker wanted to hear, and not what Obama wanted to hear. I'll be surprised if Comey keeps his job.

WHY SO MANY BLACKS IN PRISON? Like the answer to the question above, liberals have long complained about the high percentages of blacks vs. whites in prison. But again, the answer is simple. It's because they commit more crimes that do white people. Of course, they'll call me a racist for saying that truth. That's how they mute most criticism. But I don't give a damn what they call me. It doesn't mean a thing to me.

SACRAMENTO GOING STUPID: Apparently they didn't learn anything from Seattle's unfortunate experience with high minimum wage laws. Seattle passed a law making it mandatory for Seattle businesses to pay a minimum wage of !5.00 an hour and immediately lost 700 RESTAURANT jobs and an unknown number of other jobs But they're not rescinding that law. And now Sacramento, Californica is “following suit.” They're trying to raise theirs to $12.50 an hour, which is just as bad. They'll immediately lose a BUNCH of restaurant jobs, too, and an uncountable number of other kinds of jobs. But their politicians don't care.

THEY THINK TRUMP'S LOSING: Because he's slightly behind ONE MAN in Iowa, they're predicting that he's “done.” Never mind he's so far ahead everywhere else they can't even SEE him. The liberal memo that went out to the liberal news media told them all to say Trump is now “begging for votes,” and they're all parroting the words they were “ordered” to spout. They're all “crowing” about it. Will they apologize when the attention goes back to places (mostly everywhere) he is still on top? Not a chance. They're so arrogant they never think they're wrong, and when they ARE, they ignore it.

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