Sunday, October 4, 2015

Did Obama Cut Unemployment?

That's what the liberals are saying, anyway, using the “finessed” (phony) numbers put out by the Obama administration. I say, “finessed,” advisedly, because he simple FALSIFIED them by stopping counting those who had GIVEN UP on ever finding a job again while he is in charge and are “no longer in the job market.” That allowed him to count the “unemployment numbers,” using a SMALLER bunch of people. Naturally, the number of unemployed would go down while nothing changed. MILLIONS are still out of work, and many have given up. You can't believe ANY numbers put out by Obama, because he always LIES.

NAME A GUN LAW: You gun control freaks, do me a favor: NAME me a gun law that would have stopped that fool from killing nine people and wounding 7 more in Oregon. The place was ALREADY a “gun-free zone,” because it was a SCHOOL. Why do so many fools choose SCHOOLS for their shooting sprees? Because that ARE “gun-free zones,” of course. Of course, the anti-gun fools will never understand this. Their minds are made up. Don't confuse them with facts. I mean it. If you can find one criminals will OBEY, I'd like to hear about it. I'll betcha can't. Send me an e-mail at Have your proof ready.

I BET SHE WASN'T ON IT: Indiana's House Majority Leader Jud McMillin sent pictures of himself cheating on his wife to everybody on his “contacts” list (I'll bet his wife wasn't on it). He claims he “lost his phone” for 24 hours and “somebody else” must have sent it.” Of course, that ignores the question, “How did it get MADE?” He resigned after making this announcement, and the media will have a “field day” with it, since he is a Republican. Had he been a Democrat, of course, they would ignore it.

THE “MENTAL ILLNESS” LIE: After every mass shooting, we hear that the shooter is “mentally ill,” even though most of them weren't under any kind of “treatment” for mental illness at the time. That's because it's easy to believe that a guy who shoots up a room full of people is “mentally ill.” Otherwise, why would he do it, huh? Racism or religious intolerance is usually not mentioned, though liberals try to convince you that all the shooters are white. But they aren't. I know of at least SIX who weren't white. I guess I'm a racist for pointing that out, huh:? And what about religious intolerance (As taught by Islamic Imams)?

WE MADE IT ANYWAY: According to liberals, without all the “safety measures” they have made sure are mandatory, most of us alive today shouldn't have survived childhood. We should all be dead by now. But, some how, we did, in spite of all their dire predictions. BB guns, for instance, have been all but banned because liberals say we can “put out an eye” with them. But that has largely not happened. We rode bikes without helmets and there was never a “scourge of head injuries. This video lists many things we shouldn't have survived.

DAMNED FOOL GERALDO: How such fools get such notoriety, I don't know. Certainly the decision makers at Fox News aren't as stupid as he is. Maybe they hired him for “comedy relief.” He certainly gave us a good example of that when he said, “The Constitution is bullsh-t.” Funny. It's the Constitution that allows him to say that without going to prison or being put up against a wall somewhere, and shot to death. But he isn't intelligent enough to know that. I don't know if he's getting more stupid as he goes along, or is just “letting it out” more as he gains confidence.

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