Friday, October 30, 2015

Obama: "We Need More Gun Control"

That's how liberals read the “gunplay” in Chicago, anyway. They think because thugs are still killing a lot of people with ILLEGAL guns, that means they need to make MORE laws for them to ignore. That's the kind of twisted logic that passes for thinking in DC. Like I said, they'll blame the gun violence in Chicago on everything ELSE but what it IS, so the can make more USELESS laws.

95% COP SHOOTINGS JUSTIFIED: That's what a recent report by the Washington Post (not a big pro-gun source) says. But the “Black Lives Matter” fools will say they're lying. It's all they've got. When somebody puts out the TRUTH, and it doesn't agree with their narrative, they MUST be lying, huh? Of course, if they accept it, that “blows them right out of the water,” doesn't it?

TIME TO BAN CARS? A woman used a car to plow into a bunch of people in Oklahoma and managed to kill 4 of them. Now, the FBI says that killing FOUR people is “mass murder” so she is officially a “mass murderer” and her “weapon of choice” was a CAR. Should we now ban CARS? If we accept the muddled thinking of the anti-gun fools, that's what we ought to do.

LAW ABIDING” ILLEGAL ALIENS? Hillary has pledged to defend “law abiding” ILLEGAL aliens. IS there such a thing? They have proven themselves NOT to be “law abiding” by their very presence in this country. It is this type of muddled thinking that is the hallmark of a liberal. And there is not a MORE liberal politician than Hillary. Of course, her promise is meaningless, anyway. Just like Obama's promises.

BOVINE EXCREMENT: Today, I listened to the former Speaker of the House, Nancy Peelosi spout a long list of bovine excrement before handing the gavel of Speaker to Paul Ryan, wasting a lot of everybody's time, as usual. It's what politicians do. Lavish praise on their enemies, while plotting their political demise on the other. It's so sickening. But at least, we are still semi-free, so far. Hopefully, with the Republicans in charge in the congress, and what SEEMS like a real man now leading the House, the Republicans can “get off the dime” and actually DO something other than support t\he Democrat agenda. IF they will.

THERE'S A “CNBC?” Whoda thunkit? I've heard rumors of a cable news network called, “CNBC”, but I didn't really believe it existed. I thought it was a joke. Turns out, it DOES exist, AND it IS a “joke.” Whoever chose them to host the most recent Republican Debate must have a really serious sense of humor. If you're smart, you don't hire a bunch of DEMOCRATS (liberals) to host a REPUBLICAN (mostly conservative) debate. Not if you're smart, anyway. They probably got more viewers during that debate than ever in their supposed history. More than the two they usually get, anyway. Those viewers (both of 'em) witnessed their attempt to destroy the debate, and they got “called on it” from all directions.

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