Thursday, October 22, 2015

Disqualified for Denying Warming?

Secretary of, State Kerry says that Trump should be “disqualified from seeking the presidency because he denies global warming. I've always said if you just LISTEN to stupid people, their words will display their stupidity. Kerry has done so by this statement. He thinks Trump should not be president because he doesn't believe in the AlGore SWINDLE, which has been DISPROVED so many ways it isn't even funny. But he's too dumb to know it. Global warming and cooling is CYCLICAL and can't be affected by man, no matter how smart Kerry thinks he is.

LIKE HE DOESN'T WANT IT: I know Bernie Sanders is running for president, and he's giving a pretty good imitation of a presidential candidate. But if you listen to what he SAYS, it sounds like he doesn't want the job. The very first thing he did was ADMIT to being a socialist, which should have DOOMED his candidacy from the very beginning. Then he starts espousing every socialist, communist goal there is. And lastly, he promises to raise taxes sky high. Yet he still has a BIG following, as does Hillary, who is just as much of a socialist, though she denies it, in the face of sure EVIDENCE she's lying. What's WRONG with Americans?

GOP VS. DEMS: They keep asking what the difference is between Republicans and Democrats. The answer is damningly simple, but NOBODY will admit it. Democrats are SOCIALISTS and Republicans are NOT. It's that simple, but nobody seems to want to see it. If we (not me) continue to elect Democrats to important offices, we will soon BE a socialist country. It's inevitable. If you doubt me, just listen to what Democrats SAY. Every time they speak, they give it away to anybody who is LISTENING. I'm listening, but far too few others are. If that continues, that will be the death of us as a free nation.

LOSE DEPT.OF EDUCATION: That's the first thing Donald Trump plans to do if (when) he becomes president, and the very thought of it makes liberals' heads explode. The Dept. of Education is in charge of brainwashing your children, not running the education of the nation's children. Public schools are “conditioning mills,” more lately to teach them about the (imaginary) “good things” about socialism and Islam, even though teaching about religion—any religion--is prohibited by the stupid people who make the laws and think the Constitution bans teaching ANYTHING about ANY religion (but, apparently, Islam). At least, they think so, even though it is NOT in the Constitution. He thinks schools should be run by LOCALS, and he couldn't be more right.

TOO MUCH RACISM: Not on the part of the citizens, on the part of the fools who are SUPPOSED to be “in charge.” You can't do much of ANYTHING these days without being accused of racism. Even the most innocent things are dubbed racism by liberals who are “super sensitive” and “find racism under every bed” and in every action, even when it doesn't exist. A good example of this is in Texas, where it is a practice for one school to present the other school's team with a gift when they play each other, to “show good sportsmanship.” They included a WATERMELON in a big bucket of candy and the school labeled it “racism.” Stupid, stupid!

TRUMP TO CLOSE MOSQUES: At least, the ones KNOWN to support Islamic terrorism. He says he will also cancel the passports of Americans who go overseas to be trained by terrorists, to become terrorists, because they are AT WAR with us.. He told this to Stuart Varney on Fox Business, and Muslims blew their corks. They dragged out their old, tired, phony accusation of “Islamaphobia, which is a positively STUPID accusation. Being against Islamic terrorism is NOT “Islamaphobia,” (which is a phony accusation, using a phony word, made up just for this purpose). It is COMMON SENSE, with Islamic terrorists beheading and otherwise murdering innocent people, and raping women and even CHILDREN, the world over.

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