Thursday, October 15, 2015

Carson: Gaffe Machine?"

That's what Democrats and other liberals are calling Ben Carson. Why? Because, not being a politician, he really doesn't know how to deflect all the “gotcha questions” the media likes to ask. He just tells the truth, and the liberal media makes the most of it because they don't want to hear the truth. And at the same time they go out of their way to “play up” every point anybody “gets up” on Trump, asking the question, “Is Trump losing his mojo?”

WHO WON THE DEBATE? Hillary, of course. It's hard NOT to win when the BOSS puts out the word, “Don't attack Hillary, or you'll be sorry, later.” That's known as “the fix is in.” That's how Democrats win things. ”fix it.” It's really fun to watch the gyrations Democrats go through to “fix” an election.

WE KILLED 10,000 ISIS: Word has been put out that American forces have killed 10,000 ISIS fighters. Yeah, right! Like most of Obama's “figures,” that's much bigger than it really IS. It's easy to inflate the numbers when you can “set the rules” of estimation, as Obama has. It's like Obama says. “We're fighting ISIS.” But not with the “rules of combat” he has imposed, where we can't fire on them until AFTER they fire on us. That gives them the “upper hand” while we let them have the first blow.

O'REILLY AND “OUTNUMBERED”: I thought it was funny when Bill O'Reilly was introduced on “Outnumbered.” He replied, “It's nice to see you.” And I think he might just as well have added, “It's good to see a LOT of you. I still think they should call that show, “Legs of Wonder.” I'm convinced that many men tune in to that show just for the “leg show” every day. Some girls, too. Of course, some of that carries over to “The Five,” where they make sure to put Andrea Tantaros and her perennially short skirts and long legs right “up front” where her skirts are always at least halfway, sometimes three-fourths up her thighs. Not that I'm complaining. I just think they need a name-change.

FRACKING: THE PHONY “PROBLEM”: Anything to inhibit the growth of oil exploration in the United States, and the jobs it brings, liberals oppose it, on phony reasons. Like Obama's opposition to the Canadian Pipeline. There's no real reason to stop it, but Obama is unalterably opposed to it, and ANYTHING that will create more jobs and make us more “oil independent.” Obama will do ANYTHING, tell any LIE, to keep us from being oil independent and/or create new jobs.

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