Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Pot and Kettle

Talk about the “pot calling the kettle black!” Democrats keep saying the REPUBLICANS made this 2014 Congress into a “do nothing Congress.” But who is it that kept ALL the bills passed by the Republican-controlled House on his desk (more than 300), never allowing a SINGLE bill to come up for a vote? I believe that was Harry Reid, “leader” of the DEMOCRAT-controlled Senate, wasn’t it?

DECLARING AFGHANISTAN OVER: That’s the word: The US (Obama) and NATO (Obama again) have declared the Afghanistan “war” OVER. But I don’t THINK so! It’s only :over” because Obama told his troops (most of them) to again “cut and run.” The “war” is FAR from :over. The Taliban will, like ISIS before it, come back and retake all the territory we lost so many lives to win, and declare VICTORY over America. Any troops left will be told NOT to “engage,” even if the Taliban kills some of them.

OBAMA “GREATEST GIFT”: He is the “greatest gift ever” to conservatives and anybody else who doesn’t want a socialist government. He has made it PLAIN what we will suffer if his kind of government continues, and caused many people who were “asleep,” to “wake up” and get rid of as many of his henchmen as they can. Which they have done, in the last two elections, even though the “stupid crowd” did manage to re-elect him.

SEXIST AD: There’s an ad running promoting a medical clinic devoted to helping men with ED (that’s an inability to perform, if you know what I mean). That presupposes ALL their patients will be men. In their ad, they emphasize that they show SPORTS on televisions, even in treatment rooms. That presupposes that ALL men love sports. That’s sexist. Some men are NOT preoccupied with sports, and some WOMEN are. I’m a man, and I’m NOT. Many men are not. To think they are, IS sexist.

“A RESPONSIBLE END”: Obama says, “The war in Afghanistan is coming to a responsible end.”  Not a chance. We are again “cutting and running” from the battlefield and are giving Islamic terrorists another “great victory.” I doubt it will be a year before the Taliban is again “in charge” in Afghanistan and is again executing women for not being “properly dressed,” or for being seen with the wrong guy. They will be executing Christians for not being Muslim. And that includes beheading CHILDREN. This is the furthest thing from a responsible end” there is, and Obama expects us to believe it is.

BOBBY JINDAL GRILLED: Because he thinks “Common Core” is something you’d want to scrape off the bottom of your shoe. And his answer shut them right up. Jindal was originally FOR it. Now he’s against it. When asked “Why the flip-flop,” his answer was honest and straight forward. It was a “bait and switch,” sold to him as a “governor-created” program rather than a federal “one size fits all” program to control the curriculum, so now he’s against it. Like most of what Obama tries to sell, it was a lie. And whether or not he’s in the running for president has no bearing on it.

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