Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sacrificing Black People

Obama is in the process of sacrificing black people to his desire to start a race war so he can make more and more restrictive laws and regulations. Many black people have already died for his quest, and many more are going to die to let him gain more traction in his efforts to establish America as a socialist nation. Ferguson, MO and New York City are just two battles in that war as he twists facts to make it LOOK like racism. There are GOING to be more. Count on it. Race relations, which were supposed to disappear as a problem under Obama, have gotten steadily WORSE as Obama claims racism for EVERYTHING from disagreeing with his policies to farting in an elevator.

CUTTING AND RUNNING: They had a “solemn ceremony” in Afghanistan the other day. It was held to formally END our combat role there and let the Islamic terrorists know they will soon be able to come out of hiding and start killing people with abandon, which they have found it harder to do with our people there to slow them down. Even if they were unable to completely stop them because of Obama’s STUPID “rules of combat” that limited much of what they could do. Now he can brag about “ending a second war.” Of course, you can end a lot of wars by running away,

RACE RELATIONS WORSE: They’re worse than they’ve ever been, according to Obama and his “partners in crime” in the Democrat Party. Race problems had almost “gone away” as a major problem in this country until he was elected on the promise that electing him would END race problems. Since then, he has done everything he could to MAKE them worse, to create a “self’-fulfilling prophecy.” He’s as much white as he is black, but he CHOOSES to be black for the benefits it gives him.

RACIST ACCUSES US: Iran has issued an “attack” on us, accusing us of racism as a government policy. One of the most racist regimes in the world accuses US of racism and demands we stop it. As if they had the right to demand WE “change OUR ways.” Frankly, I’d hate to be woman or a Christian living in Iran. Another factor is they sound just like the Democrat Party.

CONFISCATORY CIGARETTE TAXES KILL: New York City Mayor DeBlazio (and former Mayor Bloomberg) don’t like smoking or smokers. So they laid on (or continued) a $5.95 PER PACK tax on cigarettes, DOUBLING their cost, hoping to discourage smokers. All it did was (as usual) create a black market in non-taxed cigarettes and cause people (like that guy the cops killed while arresting him for selling untaxed cigarettes). Now cops don’t just “show up.” Somebody set them on him, and he was treated like the worst terrorist there is. Without that tax, this situation would not have even come up.

“UNNECESSARY” STUDIES: The National Institutes of Health has awarded almost a half million dollars to Magee-Women’s Research Institute and Foundation in Pittsburgh, to study the reasons why overweight women don’t date more. Talk about a “study” to find out what every man AND woman knows! It’s because they’re FAT. That’s not a “knock” on overweight women, it’s FACT. They don’t need to spend half a million dollars to figure that out. I could have told them for nothing. But “researchers” gotta research SOMETHING to keep the money coming in.

ROYALS ARE HERE! OH, JOY! Prince Willam and his wife are visiting the United States and a lot of people are very excited. Although I can’t see why. I don’t share their enthusiasm for people who have never had to do a day’s work in their lives and live on the bounty supplied by working people. I don’t even get excited when the PRESIDENT comes here. In fact, just the opposite, especially with THIS president. Whenever any of them come it’s a traffic nightmare as they commandeer the streets for their own use, not caring how badly they mess things up.

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