Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Today's Obsession

Yet another airplane has disappeared, in Asian territory. That seems to be all they can talk about, as if there were no news otherwise. I’m not saying the story is not important—it is—VERY important. But not so important as to take up ALL the air time available. My thoughts on the matter? Is it a “conspiracy?” Has somebody come up with a way to bring down airplanes where they want them? I’m not saying it IS this. I am saying it must be CONSIDERED as a viable scenario.

MUSLIMS HAVE “CONTRIBUTED”:To the surprise of many in our modern liberal and libertarian false worlds, our nation formed its first national Navy and united beyond individual states to a national force, due to Muslim terrorist attacks at the foundational years of our nation. The founders of our nation believed that we needed to be united against the threat of Islamic terrorism or we would fall as divided States.  Muslims were terrorizing Americans by forcefully boarding American ships and beheading our men and enslaving our women and children. Americans were being sold in the open Muslim market. Yes, they HAVE “contributed,” but not in the positive way Obama insists.

NO ANSWER THERE: HHS Secretary Johnson was asked how Obama’s unconstitutional action about immigration that amounts to “amnesty” benefits us economically. He couldn’t come up with an answer because there ISN’T any that isn’t such an obvious LIE everybody hearing it would KNOW it was a lie, instantly. Of course, that wouldn’t bother Obama; he’d just lie anyway, not CARING that we would know it was a lie. that's how he operates: tell a lie, and DARE us to disbelieve it. Then go right ahead and operate as if it were true.

SO TYPICAL OF NANCY:Nancy Pelosi calls for resignation of a tax-evading Republican politician over a tax evasion conviction, but remains silent on tax-evading Democrats.” This is so typical of Nancy Pelosi. Completely ignore tax cheats in her own party—of which there are several—which haven’t seen even a HINT of punishment, One of which RAN the IRS for a while, and she demands the RESIGNATION of a REPUBLICAN tax cheat. And she doesn’t even think we NOTICE things like that. What an ignorant bi,,,er, uh, witch.

WHY IS OBAMA GETTING FRIENDLY? Why did he start “cuddling up” to Cuba after fifty years or the “cold shoulder?” That’s simple. It starts a controversy that keeps our minds off his REAL crimes. Every day a new “crisis” comes out of the WH, to keep us busy arguing amongst ourselves, so we will not notice what he’s doing to us. that's how he keeps people who don't pay attention to politics, ignorant. And ignorant, they are. They re-elected him, didn't they? After being raped and bloodied.

RENAME “OUTNUMBERED”: They should rename this new Fox show and call it “Legs.” I don’t think ANY of those babes owns a dress that comes further down than just below the juncture of their legs. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not complaining. I just think the show is misnamed. And “Outnumbered” is pretty silly as a name. It assumes that the ONE male guest will have opinions counter to the women who are regulars, which is not necessarily true, and is sexist, in the extreme.

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