Saturday, December 6, 2014

Commust Party Sues Democrats

For stealing their platform. Some of their fondest dreams are: government ownership of the auto and financial industries, redistribution of wealth, and government-controlled health care. These have been “taken over,” called “progressive,” and “claimed as their own.” The 2016 Democrat Platform is “line-for-line” a duplication of the 1964 Communist Party platform, according to CPUSA lawyers. This may or may not be a hoax, but it is so close to the truth it is frightening. I have long said the Democrat Party should change its name to the “Socialist Party” (Socialism and communism are two sides of the same coin, collectivism) because everything they promote is socialism under yet another name.

NO TERRORISTS CROSSING BORDER? That’s what Texas Public Safety Director Steve McGraw said recently before the Texas legislature. Where the hell does he get an IMPOSSIBLE thought like that? Does he believe in the “tooth fairy,” too? I’d make a bet that this idea was put in his ear by none other than Barack Hussein Obama, who thinks the ENTIRE body of American voters is STUPID. Actually, it’s DEMOCRATS who are stupid enough to believe his drivel.

MUSLIMS IN CONGRESS:Friday was Muslim day in Washington D.C. We have no idea why or how, but Muslim Imams and prayers were everywhere, invading the Christian National Cathedral and the floor of Congress.” Muslims praying in the American National Cathedral! Terrorist Imams praying before CONGRESS! Do you think ANY mosque in the WORLD would allow Christians, Jews, or members of ANY “religion” but Islam to pray in a mosque? What kind of FOOLS are running things in DC to allow this? To allow this is to “legitimize” an ILLEGITIMATE “religion.

SHARPTON “LEGITIMIZED”: Obama is working HARD to legitimize a race whore. Al Sharpton is being consulted on who should become the new Attorney General. He visits the White House on a regular basis. He now has his own show on national television, where he can spout his racist drivel without control. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama didn’t name Sharpton Attorney General! Obama is KNOWN for doing stupid things like that, and “giving us the finger” if we object.

“SANCTIONS” ON ISRAEL? The WH has sent out hints that it is “considering” sanctions against Israel for building houses on it’s own land. When I first heard about this, I thought the sanctions were for their RETALIATION for Palestinian rocket attacks on civilian areas in Israel. Would they ever “sanction” Palestinians for those attacks? Not likely. It’s their agenda to blame Israel for their retaliatory attacks, while IGNORING the Palestinian rocket bombing for which they are retaliating. So I guess we’re now going to get two more years of the president doing STUPID things until we can get rid of this fool who is occupying the White House.

DON’T MESS WITH OLD PEOPLE: An old man saw people in his shed stealing things, so he called the cops and told them about it. They said, “Somebody will be along as soon as somebody is available.” So he called them back a few minutes later and said, “Don’t worry about those burglars. I shot and killed them, and the dogs are eating them now.” Within minutes there were multiple police cars, SWAT teams, fire department, and paramedics. The burglars were caught. The cops said, “I thought you said you killed them.” To which he replied, “I thought you said nobody was available.” Don’t mess with old folks. (Thanks to “Poppa Gringo” on One Political Plaza)

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