Thursday, December 18, 2014

Best Thing He's Ever Done

Rush Limbaugh has changed a lot of minds with his radio show. Mine one of them. At one time, I was a passionate liberal because I hadn’t paid much attention to what was really happening and wasn’t taught much in school about it. But Hitler’s PR man was right when he said that you have to get the CHILDREN while they’re young. And if you bring them up right, you will have no problem with them later. It works for us as well as it did for the Nazis. Rush’s new “Rush Revere” series is getting to the children with the truth. And they’re learning it WILLINGLY. They’re ENJOYING reading his series, which sets things right.

PUTIN “MAN OF THE YEAR” (AGAIN): He’s been named such fifteen times, and that’s no surprise. Who, in Russia, is going to vote for anybody else? It’s a “fixed game,” much like things are now in America, with Obama. The Nobel Prize, which he won for NOTHING, wasn’t truly American, but his winning it the way he did, “:on the come,” rather for any accomplishment, is indicative. That pretty well eliminated the Nobel Prize from any consideration for  respect, just as Putrid…er, uh, Putin winning it fifteen times does for that one.

BOWING TO A DICTATOR: Obama has never met a bloody dictator he didn’t like. Yesterday, he demonstrated that when he ended the fifty-year-old shunning of Fidel Castro and his bloody brother. Castro really wasn’t happy when he did it, though, because that was his excuse for the poverty of his people. Now it has been “stripped away.” That was the unintended consequence of this action that I’m sure Obama is unaware of. All he wants to do is make it easier for Castro to keep his people under his thumb. But it won’t work that way. It will cause money to flow into Cuba and let his “subjects” realize there is more to life than a 1950s car and broken down buildings. Look for Castro, like Putin, to be named “man of the year.”

SENSIBLE THINKING: “Grigore” says, on “One Political Plaza,” “Should congressmen be required to read the bills they sign into law?” “Makes sense to me. It would also result in smaller Bills. Who has time to read and digest 1,700 pages after all? Anyone who votes on a Bill without reading it should be fired on the spot. Or better yet, how about we just shoot them? God knows, they deserve it. Just my two cents.” But it’s not likely to ever happen. To require it would need the support of a majority of members. And they’ll never vote it in.

“BLOODYING BLACKS AT SELMA”: “Voter ID is like ‘bloodying blacks’ at Selma.” That’s what liberals are saying now to keep it from ever happening. It’s a LIE, of course, but liberals have never been above lying to make a point. NOT requiring positive identification of voters (black AND white) to make sure they can’t vote many times is STUPID. And the politicians (mostly Democrat) who use that to their advantage don’t want to see it end. Making sure nobody votes illegally is NOT something that will hurt blacks. All it will hurt is Democrats stealing elections. You have to provide photo ID to do many things today, so why not for one of the most important things you do, to ensure the honesty of it?

MEDIA IGNORES IT: As they often do, the media ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN failed to report that a federal judge declared Obama’s “immigration action” telling his troops NOT to arrest illegal aliens “exceeded his authority” as president. CBS was more interested in what’s being cut from McDonald’s menu next year. The other three were “very concerned” with many OTHER things, including the “most searched things on Google” lately. (Media Research Center)

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