Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Won't Make A Difference

Darren Williams, the cop who shot and killed a huge thug who was trying his best to kill HIM, is, as predicted, quitting the force. He says it’s because of threats made to OTHER officers. Maybe so, but his quitting will not change things. The thugs sense victory and will continue their rioting, stealing, burning, and killing, until they get tired of it, using that as their excuse. The force not giving him a “severance package” is silly because he just did his job and killed Brown in self-defense. He just did his job, and did nothing wrong.

LOWER OIL PRICES: They can’t seem to explain the recent lowering of oil prices. There doesn’t seem to be any specific event that can be traced as the cause. But they’re looking in the wrong place. It’s a “routine.” Prices go sky high PERIODICALLY, and then come back down, SOME. But they never get below the price where it was BEFORE the rise, and people are so happy they’re now paying less than the higher price, they never notice this happens at least once a year. Now they’re paying a higher price, happily—because it’s lower than it was at its peak.
PLEASE. NOT ROMNEY AGAIN! Please, Republicans, surely you can find somebody better than Romney, who has already proven he is a loser. Why would you go with him, again? You’ve “Gotten rid of” your best candidates when you “marginalized Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal, and several others, because you were afraid they’d do what Republicans are SUPPOSED to do: block the socialist aspirations of the Democrats. The Democrats think Hillary is their best chance, and even Romney can whip her. But that doesn’t mean he’ll be a good president. He WAS responsible for “Romneycare” in Mass, you know (which Obama copied for Obamacare).

GO WHERE THE FOOLS ARE: If you want to recruit fools who don’t mind creating havoc and breaking the law, go where such fools are. Like Ferguson, MO, where ISIS is recruiting misfits and damned fools, with Obama’s “good buddy,” Beyonce, helping. In a CNN report, there was seen a sign seen saying, “ISIS Is Here.” And she made a music video that was clearly a PR video for ISIS. And ISIS has stepped up their recruiting of black demonstrators there. The ENEMY is recruiting, right under the noses of our “authorities,” without hindrance. Maybe on Obama’s orders?

“SCARILY FAMILIAR”: A woman who fled from communism in China says, “Common Core sounds ‘scarily familiar’ to what the communists pushed onto their citizens.” Especially where it concerns “conditioning” of our children to think like good socialists. So in addition to teaching murky things in a confusing fashion, it is conditioning our children. So we should RUN AWAY from it. This is how they slip things in on us. They give it a “good-sounding name” without telling us what is in it. And like Nancy says, “we have to vote it in to find out what’s in it.”

DOCTOR: “DO YOU OWN A GUN?” That’s a question they’re pressuring doctors to ask these days. How long is it going to be before it becomes a LAW that REQUIRES them to ask that question, and report the answer to the government? Moreover, forces them to report it if there is ANY suspicion they might be a danger to themselves, or anyone else? It’s already a law in the UK. And that IS a law in this country regarding POSSIBLE abuse of children. If there is ANY possibility of abuse, they MUST report it, even if they don’t believe it, themselves, or be punished severely.


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