Monday, December 15, 2014

The "Usual Suspects"

Sen. John McCain has announced he is running again for president. That gives us TWO losers on the Republican side. Apparently there are no shortage of losers to run time after time, only to lose again and give Democrats one more time to rip us off more, as they do so well. It would be nice if the Republicans got a little smarter and ran a REAL candidate, like Sarah Palin or Bobby Jindal—or even Ben Carson, but all those candidates have shown they really know how to fix DC—and that’s the “kiss of death” for a politician wanting to be president.

ATTACKED BY A BORDER CONTROL DOG: Poor baby! He was coming in ILLEGALLY, which makes him a lawbreaker to begin with. He was smuggling drugs, which makes him doubly a lawbreaker. He was bitten by this dog in the process of being arrested, while resisting. And he thinks he can SUE and collect for his injuries? What a damned FOOL he is. He thinks he can break our laws and sue for the injuries he suffered in being arrested? If he gets ANYTHING, somebody needs to be REPLACED. Or drawn and quartered. Or both.

DISPELLING LIES ABOUT MUSLIMS: To “dispel the lies about Muslims killing people who don’t believe the way they should,” a Muslim blew himself to smithereens, killing one and wounding 16 who were watching a showing about Muslim suicide bombers. This is the kind of “logic” you can expect from Muslim terrorists. “Dispell lies” by making them come true. It’s good they kill themselves when they do it, because that makes for fewer Muslim terrorists.

“EMPHASIZING WITH THE ENEMY”: That’s what FORMER presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says we must do. I say “former” because, with this statement, she has finally taken leave of her senses. I personally thought she had done that when she cracked, before Congress, about Benghazi, “What DIFFERENCE does it make?” Showing her complete indifference to the four deaths SHE, and Obama, let happen. That, in itself, should forever BAR her from becoming president, even if her socialist leanings did not.

“WE WANT DEAD COPS!” Some demonstrators over the quite proper killing of that giant thug, Michael Brown, in Ferguson, MO, chanted, “What do we want? We want dead cops!” Frankly, these people should be surrounded, arrested (and if they react violently, they should be ANSWERED with violence) for terrorist threats, and imprisoned for at least ten years instead of being handled with “kid gloves” as they are, today. Demanding “dead cops” is no longer “free speech,” it is then threatening violence, and is actionable.

NO TORTURE! Former VP Dick Cheney says, “We did NOT “torture” Islamic prisoners!” And he’s right. Yes, we DID subject them to “enhanced questioning techniques” that do NOT “rise to the level of torture” in order to gain information to save lives. Torture usually creates permanent damage. Sometimes kills. Nothing we did to them would do that, and furthermore, they lost the RIGHT to call ANYTHING we did to them, “torture” by BEHEADING CHILDREN, raping and murdering women (AND CHILDREN) in front of their parents before murdering THEM, too. They are lower than dog dung on the bottom of my shoe, and deserve NO consideration. Consideration is what we extend to human beings.

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