Monday, December 1, 2014

"Fundamental Transformation"

That’s what Obama promised to do to America. Fundamental transformation FROM what, TO what? There’s nothing majorly wrong with America, unless you’re a Muslim socialist and want to transform this country from a FREE country into a COLLECTIVIST (socialist) country. Obama is a saboteur, bent on the sabotage of our way of life, even if it is one that people risk their lives to come here and live under.

MAKING THE BIG LIE: The facts are these: Obama FIRED Defense Secretary Hagel. That’s obvious. He fired him because he opposed Obama in how to handle this nation’s military. Obama doesn’t like being opposed, especially not by the people he appointed, so he got rid of Hagel. But he knows it’s “not good politics” to get rid of Hagel, so he goes out of his way to make it LOOK like Hagel resigned, even going to the extreme of HUGGING him in public while announcing his “resignation.”

THEY WANT US DEFENSELESS: There’s no argument about it. The gun grabbers don’t care about our safety, they just want to disarm America and make us defenseless to be able to resist the blandishments of illegally armed criminals (even those wearing badges). Meanwhile, some of them, (like well-known gun grabber Sen. Diane Feinstein) carry their own guns, or just hire armed “security.” They know armed security, whether with their own guns or “hired guns” is necessary, they just don’t want anybody but themselves to have it.

WE SHOULD PAY: NOT THEM: The “Freedom Socialist Party” (a self-described socialist-feminist political party) says the minimum wage should be $20 an hour, with guaranteed health insurance. But when they advertised for a graphic artist, the salary quoted was $13 an hour! And NO insurance. As usual for liberals, “sauce for the goose, but not for the gander.” As I’ve always said, if somebody wants to show you how stupid they are, just stand back and let them. They apparently don’t see the hypocrisy involved, here. They’re not too bright.

ANOTHER GOOD EXAMPLE: AlGore (the global warming swindler and, oh, yes: former VP) preaches that we should drive teeny, non-gas guzzling cars, use a lot less energy, use less fuel, and live VERY frugally. I might take him a little more seriously if he didn’t fly everywhere (all the time) in his own HUGE, fuel-guzzling jet plane, all by himself, drive to the airport in SEVERAL gas-guzzling SUVs, live in a very large house that uses more energy than ANYONE.

“THE INEVITABLE CANDIDATE: That’s what everybody (well, Democrats, anyway) say about Hillary Clinton. Even though she has NOTHING in her background to recommend her, and much (including Benghazi) to DE-recommend her. I guess, like the Republicans do, it’s “her turn.” The fact that she seems to be their ONLY choice tells me there’s nobody “on the bench,” ready to “go in.” If she’s the best they’ve got, they’re in BIG trouble.

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