Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sexual Differences

For many years, there were no MALE cheerleaders, until liberals “got their backs up” about it. There’s a good reason for that. Nobody wants to see a GUY jumping up and down fully dressed, instead of cute little girls in their tiny, short skirts that are almost guaranteed to flip up and show more than they should. Not that I am complaining. Just sayin’. Why IS that? Any time a woman is used as “eye candy” somewhere, she is just barely dressed, while the men are always fully dressed. Again, I’m not complaining, I’m just commenting

PAYNG PEOPLE TO HIRE ILLEGALS:While your taxes go up, and while your freedoms are limited, President Obama and his minions toil away working to reduce both your liberty, your bank account.” (Preserve Freedom) Not to mention your job prospects. Don’t believe it? How long have you been out of work with NO prospects of EVER getting another job? Meanwhile, Obama is paying employers $3,000.00 to hire ILLEGALS! Never mind it costs a lot more than that to hire ONE employee. He depends on the “stupidity of the American people” to make his ideas work.

CRIMINALS RUNNING GOVERNMENT: Some people will think I’m talking about Obama when I say this, and they’d be right. But Obama isn’t the only criminal running a government. Whichever New York city mayor laid a $5.95 PER PACK tax on cigarettes is just as much of a criminal as is Barack Obama. And any mayor who didn’t REPEAL the law forcing such a STUPID, confiscatory tax on us in order to force people to stop smiling is a criminal, too. As are those local officials who make unconstitutional laws, KNOWING they are unconstitutional, but hopeful they can be enforced for a long time before that happens.

FERGUSON COPS RUN OFF HELP: The “Oath Keepers is an organization 35,000 strong, of people who do everything they can to stop crooked politicians from violating their oath of office and the Constitution. They came to Ferguson, MO, armed to stop looters in their tracks and help restore order, KNOWING the only thing that will stop a looter is an armed person who will KILL them if they continue. But the cops tried first arresting them, then when they found out who they were, told them to “go away.” Why is that? Why would they refuse such assistance? It’s as if they WANT more riots, stealing, looting, and murders in their city.

PUSHING A SHUTDOWN: It’s like “Bre’r Rabbit” crying, “Don’t throw me in the briar patch, massa!” Obama WANTS to have an excuse to PRETEND to “shut down the government” by shutting down only the most visible things for a while; things that will piss off more Americans the quickest, such as national parks and veteran’s monuments. So he talks about the REPUBLICANS wanting to “shut down the government,” when the only person talking about it is HIM and his cronies. His “partners in CRIME. Knowing he can blame Republicans for it and benefit at the next election. Some of us are onto you, Obama!

NEW REPUBLIC DYING: Or better, it has committed suicide. The other day, billionaire liberal co-founder of Facebook, Charles Hughes, (who basically bought it recently) fired most of the editorial staff, cut the number of yearly issues in half, and most of the liberals LEFT resigned, en masse. Those resigning are a litany of liberal writers. Will it become a conservative magazine? I doubt it, but I’d bet it will move “closer to the center,” which, from where it now sits, is closer to conservatism. Will it survive? Maybe, maybe not.

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