Monday, December 8, 2014

Hate Looking At Him

One of the worst things (in my opinion, anyway) about Obama continuing to be president for the next two years is that I will still see his ugly mug everywhere I look. Even on non-liberal web sites does his picture appear regularly. Asking if he should be impeached, or put in prison, for sure, but having to look at his ugly mug all the time makes me physically ill. I only hope I survive until he is gone, so I can live under somebody else for a while.

ASSASINATING KIM? Liberals didn’t say a thing when a movie about the assassination of George Bush was to be made, but they’re hollering loudly about a planned movie about the assassination of Kim Jung Un, dictator for life of N. Korea. Ordinarily, I’d say, “why?” But I know it is fueled by the objections of Kim, himself. American liberals LOVE this short, pot-bellied, ujgly dictator. In fact, there isn’t a dictator on Earth they don’t love. He screws a lot of women as a dictator though, women a short, pudgy, ugly fool like him couldn’t get near if he wasn’t the “absolute ruler” of his country.

MASTER OF SAYING THE OBVIOUS: Eric Bolling, one of the hosts of “The Five,” says, “Race relations have not gotten better under Obama.” What was yer first clue, Eric? When Obama and his accomplices blame everything from an accidental fart in an elevator to disagreement with his policies on racism? How about when he sides with the black demonstrators in Ferguson, MO, even as they burn businesses and steal while they loot everything they can and kill indiscriminately? Damn! You’re really perceptive, Eric!

“WRITING OFF BECOMING PRESIDENT”: When Hillary Clinton said, “We have to emphathize with our enemies,” she has “written off” becoming president, says Oliver North. That MIGHT be true, but I don’t think so because most Americans just don’t pay attention and will not even notice her remarks. Professor Gruber said, “Americans are stupid,” and he’s right, as far as it goes. The stupid American voters are those who consider themselves Democrats because they “pay no attention to politics,” yet still have strong opinions based on the lies told them by Democrats, and vote.

RAPE RULES WRONG! Keeping the names of the accusers secret in rape allegations and assuming truth when the ONLY “evidence” in a rape case is the UNSUPPORTED WORD of the victim, with no other evidence to support the claim is WRONG, So is keeping the name of the accuser secret. The Constitution recognizes our right to CONFRONT an accuser, but that right is DENIED us in rape cases. In “sexual harassment” cases, too. If a woman accuses a man of sexual abuse, he should be able to confront her and find out the REASONING behind the accusation. That’s only fair. Without the ability to CONFRONT the accuser, you CANNOT effectively fight it.

SIX MORE GITMO PRISONERS RELEASED: Obama has released six more prisoners from GITMO and sent them to Uruguay. What FOR? On what basis does he do this? (Because he wants to) When he does that, we lose control of those prisoners, and way too many of them end up back at the “old stand,” killing innocent people. They will be considered “refugees,” which will allow them to ultimately be released without charges—which is what will probably happen, quietly, with no fanfare, after the uproar over their release from GITMO has died down and the world has forgotten about them. Then they can go back to their murdering ways.

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