Monday, December 22, 2014

Will There Be Riots?

A black man shot and killed two white cops in an ambush in Brooklyn, NY the other day, giving them NO chance ay all. The killer was a gang member. This kind of thing is happening more and more all over the country, and in several cases, references have been made to Ferguson and New York City. Will there be riots? Probably not. The kind of people who riot at the drop of a hat (and sometimes drop the hat, themselves) are not the honest people who object to killing white cops. Thugs, black or white, are. Obama’s plot to start a race war is proceeding apace.

BLACKS KILLED COPS: The PRESIDENT is in the process of fomenting a race war to make it easier for him to make onerous laws and regulations he could not get by Congress under normal conditions. He (and his dependable race whores, Sharpton, Jackson, and Farrakhan) make speeches in which they tell people to “fight back against cops” and then people do things like this; walk up to a marked police car and MURDER two cops without a word, giving them no chance at all and they THINK this makes it even. They’re playing right into the hands of the chief murderer in this country, Barack Obama.

MARCHING TOWARD WAR: Obama’s race war is moving nicely toward braking out. He dearly wants one, and has been working steadily toward it ever since he was elected by a bunch of fools. His former chief of staff, Rahm Emmanuel, famously (or infamously) said, “Never let a good panic go to waste” He didn’t add, “If one doesn’t exist, MAKE one.” But he might as well have. The “Hegelian Principle has three requirements: 1, Create a Crisis; 2, Publicize it until people clamor for a solution; and 3, Offer a solution that gains your objectives, that could not be realized otherwise. Cop hatred works nicely, so he (and his accomplices) are working assiduously to foment it, and it’s working. I look for black AND white mobs to be fighting in the streets before the end of the next year (if that long).

PUTIN BLAMES AMERICA: Russia is well on its way down the tubes, and Vladmir Putrid…er, uh, Putin is responsible. Like any despot, he is blaming someone else for his self-created problems. He is blaming America and Europe, when it’s his own bad decisions and expansionism when he doesn’t even have enough to keep his own people eating regularly that is responsible. Meanwhile, Obama is blaming Russia for HIS problems when he KNOWS they are HIS responsibility.

ROBBING US OF REVENGE: The damned FOOL who sneaked up and shot two police officers who were simply parked, having a conversation, robbed us of our rightful revenge when he killed himself right after murdering those two cops. He THOUGHT his action was “proper revenge” for the righteous killing of a murderous crook who was trying to kill a cop when he was, himself, killed. Maybe Michael Brown should have snuck up on Darren Wilson and killed him. Maybe that would have satisfied his supporters. Maybe his problem was, he gave this cop a chance.

GETTING HIS WISH: Obama is working HARD to divide this country and create a race war so he can use the chaos to screw us some more. And he’s using “cop hatred,” which he is “talking up” to do it. And other politicians are helping; maybe not so sneakily, but helping, nonetheless, It’s getting pretty close when a city’s cops “turn their backs” on their mayor as they did in New York City the other day. This because NY Mayor DiBlazio stupidly not only advised his own kids to beware of the very cops who protect them, but had the temerity to announce it to the world. It’s too bad when our own PRESIDENT wants to subvert us and get us killed.

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